Once again, procrastinating to the max. I should get through the Altium tutorial at the very least today, I think that would be enough progress.

Looked through some of the UTHT documents. I think they're already thinking of replacing the lead since there are quite a few EEs on the team, so I think that's okay. There are also sub-lead positions available so I might go for the PCB or wiring one, since I'm not taking any communications classes (lol 216). There's also an energy systems lead missing but the team rn looks pretty nonexistent? So I'll wait a little longer and see how things plan out, idk. The dude said there would be a meeting this week or something.

With regards to GAMING ADVENTURES (!!!!), I think I'm going to continue to farm Doomwood while progressing along in the storyline. I also need to farm embersea. I think the endgoal here is necro (for fun) and blaze binder (good farming class, better than shaman i think). i'm not level 50 yet so i can't go for stonecrusher as a solo-dps. I'll stick with dracomancer rn, I quite like the class. Apparently rustbucket is trash so I may as well toss it soon lmao.