I think these entries are gonna be longer than my actual entries LOL

Did so much today. First farmed DoomWood (Rank 8 20k/70k now), which is still quite a ways to go but i think i can get the necromancer class if i work really hard at it. however, i was trying to get a better class so that i could beat iadoa (?) by myself, and to my luck today there was some dude solo-ing the chaos boss, and i just swooped in at the last second and finished the quest.
so then i just grinded through the storyline for the 13th chaos lord. rn i finished 2 gauntlets (beast and the lords AGAIN), and next i have to battle the 13th chaos lord. i still want more classes tho, so i'll have to decide if i still wanna farm for necro. i might consider doing chaos slayer classes because the points look relatively easy to farm for. ya. idk.