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See that one all the way over to the left? That's Flaire. She had a boyfriend once, everything was peachy. Then she died. He was an elf, and turned to dark magic to bring her back to life. That was pretty messy and he basically turned into an emo edge-lord, super gross. In the end, she got her soul back, and he died instead. Funny how that stuff works out for some people. So, obvi she's totes dead again, but she wears a halo now. Whoopy, right? ..That's not important though, and neither is Kara. Kara's bi by the way. No, we don't know why she doesn't just wear something that fits, that's just her thing.

I'm the third one, from left to right. Gawking at the green one, ever so subtly. That's Wynnie, was sort of a best friend and then some. She has a boyfriend now and tends to be busy. I wish I had a boyfriend. No, I'm not jealous! Shush!

Anyways, I'm not about to tell you my age. But, what I will tell you is that I'm a cursed magical girl. A long time ago there was a dragon and some treasure. I guess got a little greedy. Things happened, they happen to everyone. The dragon died, sort of, but not really really. He tricked me, more or less, clever asshats, those lizards. So, anyways, now I have two souls- or a frankensoul? ..Not really sure how it works and he wouldn't outright tell me because then I might be able to fix it or something, I suppose.

He's in my head now, and he's taught me a bunch of things over time because ironically if I die he will really die. Little catch he didn't think about when he did it, which caused more of a symbiotic relationship instead of a haunting one. On the bright side, I'm a fiery red magical girl with a talking dragon laser cannon, that's sort of a secret, a lot of this is, but I need to put it all down somewhere. Right? ..Otherwise I might forget. Might lose myself one day and be stuck inside him,turn full dragon, or just get extremely scaly, I don't know. Supposedly the only way to fix it is if I kill someone I love, otherwise I'm doomed to keep becoming more and more dragon and less human. I used to be a demon hunter of sorts, basically still am, but now I recognize not all of them are equally jacked up. However, I've never really loved anyone, even if I have experimented a little. Still, It's not all bad though. I've gotten pretty sexy, and there's the whole thing about dragons getting stronger the older they are, instead of turning into living raisins, super nice. Just look, tell me I don't look good with my dragon cannon and everything!

(Thanks to Kiaori Moon Warrior for this lovely ref~! >w< )
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