Hey invisible readers, it's ya boy Ghostly with another random journal series. So we got Plots! Plots! (Story writing for current living universes), Project Revival (for dead universes), and the daily Actual Entry (updates on my life!) among other series (...On Shuffle and there may be others I've forgotten? Sectionals?). Now, we introduce GAMING ADVENTURES, in which I do an Actual Entry style BS entry abt online video games.

So we've launched back into AQW (a suggestion given to us by a Gaia user, actually!). I re-learned WTF enhancements are for your armour and s**t. I farmed DoomWood until Rank 8, so two more ranks before we can get the necromancer class.

I think I got rustbucket class up to rank 9? (or 10? but it levelled up idk). Basically I think Rustbucket is a pretty solid farming class (like if i want to attack multiple targets and whatever), whereas Elemental dracomancer/rogue are better for like, solo attacking s**t for missions.

I think I just realized why I have 2 sets of armour... One is for dracomancer and the other is for rogue...

I also completed safiria/lycan invasion s**t and fought the most difficult boss i've ever fought.... level 70 and 80k health! but i lived, thanks to a bunch of Vigor Potions from embersea. can't believe i've never thought about using health potions for bossfights, lmao rip. i used to solo bosses all the time in Gaia.

I also started some missions for another storyline set. I'm still waiting for the lucky day that someone is killing the boss at mqlesson and i can tag along and get that hourglass or whatever, so iodoa doesn't fking kill me in 1 shot again. Actually now that I think about it, I can solo bosses now so I can just sacrifice a bunch of heals to fight the mqlesson dragon??? right??? ya idk.