maybe i am imagining it. may not.

mom had dad put in the ac unit in the window today. it's one of those standalone types that is supposed to do a larger square footage.
only. the whole downstairs is open. like. no doors to rooms except the basement door.
the stairs to upstairs are open too. so the humidity from up there can come down. etc.

every year dad complains because. the upstairs doesn't have a real ceiling. it's a roof with the rafter space, a layer of insulation and then a drop ceiling.

the pest control guy said that with the forced air heating, every time the heat comes on, it circulates the air in the attic space and it comes down into the house. so. the ceiling does not seal.
so the house is hot in the summer, and cold in the winter.
it's like living in a cabin in the woods instead of a house.

he has been wanting to put in a real ceiling for years. a sealing ceiling. so the heat doesn't leak out and the ac doesn't eke out.

but mom has always refused. "i don't want the dirt".
the mess of construction is bad enough. but like.... so the stuff in the attic space is particularly gross because.... the roof doesn't have one of those spinning vent things.. it just has 2 open air vents on either side of the house. yeah.... bugs come in.
in fact. lots of bugs come in.
the reason the pest guy had to come was the mice were coming in the one vent where the trees on that side of the house had grown over to the vent.

so, we had mice in addition to bugs.
mouse pee tends to get moldy.

oh yes. that was 2 years ago.

last year dad had all new windows installed. because the company promised they would be uber clean.
i think dad was thinking new windows would keep in some heat.
they do.
but the ceiling is the real thing.
but oh yeah... the construction for windows was not 100% clean. and mom was throwing hissy fits.
and it was awful.
mom was out of her mind at that time.

i dunno what that was all about.

she blames it on steroid shots.

she has since had a few other steroid shots.... they didn't make her nuts.

i wonder if that is a control mechanism?

and i think this is the real reason we don't have a ceiling. after 3 years.