Wowie, I haven't been online gaia in forever!! So much has happened in my life. Do I even want to try and summarize it? Yeah, sure.
So... I continued to work as a mail carrier. Though I was being worked into the ground, I really enjoyed the job as a whole. It's now been 3 and a half years since I started working... I still enjoy it. I don't think I could find a job I like more. But I've also never tried, so who knows. For now, I know I love my job and want to stay for as long as possible.
I got really into roleplaying Hikaru back in 2016. I had many roleplays going. It was great. What makes my job so nice is that I roleplay all the time on my phone at work. There's so much freedom. It's great. I kept trying to find my Kaoru, but never had any luck. I started dating this girl irl who I had met through Veronica. This girl and I happened to go to the same high school, but we never met before. Then I got really into this series called Killing Stalking... I started roleplaying that. I then met Jen. I was really into Jen and ended up getting with her. She lived in North Carolina. I started talking to her in January, and then we met in person at the end of August. She's the first online person I've had a relationship with who I flew out to meet. Joseph came with me on that trip. It was pretty stressful. We drove all over the state, thinking I would move there. I was going to get a transfer and then Jen and I would be together. While I was there, I also met bro in person. It was really cool.
Though it didn't work out with Jen, the learning experience I got from the relationship was worth everything. I learned that people are EXTREMELY different online from in person. Online, she was sweet. In person... She was a b***h. Don't matter, I still smashed.
She and I broke up in November and I was pretty suicidal when it happened. I just felt like none of my relationships ever work, what's the point of anything? I wanted to crash my car into the center divider on the highway that night. But... The pain was like ripping off a bandaid. I want to say within two weeks, I was completely fine, drowning in happy distractions. I got burnt out on Ouran, so I tried getting into the series Osomatsu-san. Shortly after Jen and I broke up, I finally got some amazing roleplayers from that series. They were online 24/7, constantly roleplaying with me. Our roleplays were amazing. You don't feel pain when you're distracted by something as intense as this. After that, my life was pretty much roleplay.
In January, I started using a lesbian dating app to find a new girlfriend. Dating girls is HARD. Like... I never knew how hard it was until I tried. I went for a girl who was pretty unattractive, but felt I had a good shot at. We went on a few dates, but nothing came out of it. In April, I tried another dating app, choosing to try guys again this time. I met a guy on there who I was extremely into. By our third date, things got very weird. We stopped seeing each other. I kept trying to date, but it was frustrating so I mostly lived online in roleplay. I got more partners and all this online drama happened.
In June, I flew out to meet Veronica in Florida. I didn't want to go alone, so I invited bro down from North Carolina too. The trip had a lot of ups and downs... I don't really feel like rehashing it now. After that trip, bro and I stopped being friends.
After that, I started looking for an apartment. I mean... I was 25 and still living at home. Where I live is extremely expensive. I wanted to move out, though. It was really stressful. From the end of May until September, I felt like I was constantly being pushed under waves. I could never get a second to even breathe. In September, I moved into my current apartment with a roommate. That started a ton of stress in my life. This guy was weird and never lived in the apartment. After a month, he told me he had to break the lease. So for the next two months, we struggled to find a new roommate for me. It was so stressful... And now I'm about to go through it again. :,^) Rip.
Anyway, once I moved in, I started on my dating apps again. I met a girl I was interested in and then shortly after... A guy. The girl I met was about to leave for Vietnam for a month. I liked the guy more than her... So I went with the guy. Anyway, this is getting long. I'm going to make a new entry going more into depth about this...