...What an ominous title. This story is told from the POV of Cody.

So we launch into this side story. Jade, not being one who is great with technology, decides to build a device that does... something. Help her sleep better, maybe? However, the device ends up tormenting all 8 members of their dorm and giving them nightmares, all in which they die in the most horrible way each individual can think of. i.e.
Jade, in a fantasy world
Cody, infected with the four-stage mutating plague, unable to stop it, and also watching the people he loves die from this plague
Alice, losing her memory of everything
Christy, dying over and over in multiple historic events
Ray, alone and isolated
Tiffany, attacked by the animals she loves so dear
Louis ??

This story mostly really goes in depth of the house and school and descriptions of what they look like. I don't think they got to a point where they ever solved the problem. We see interactions between the characters, which is cute.