I actually have a crush on this guy but he doesn't know this.
I have known him for quite so long now like almost 4 years and we always have good 5-8 hour calls.

The only thing is that, I can't even see him and go out with him since he is a very popular person, aloof, but very popular.

Why is he popular, you ask?

Well, for starters, he is good-looking, tall and he has blue eyes. He goes to the salon instead of going to the baber shop to have a hair cut or get his nails done. (Actually I am thinking he might be gay but since he said that he *beep* with girls he went out with, then he is not.)
Second is that, he is rich and he lives in a high end condominium.
Third is that -- well... i can't think of anything good aside from him being a hard core gamer.

He actually worked hard on this project and i did appreciate what he did. However, that project failed because the community didn't like this project at all.
I still would like to support his bizarre ideas tho in the near future if he have them.

Honestly, i want to just go out with him for one day and I'd be happy and contented. But right now, i only treat him as a friend. IDK on his end tho, like maybe, I'm just someone he knows.

Hoping his "invitation" would come true soon.
I just have to wait for the right time and do something about the "it".

(I hope he is not reading this.) LOL