I just want my laundry to be done... T minus 3 minutes.

So updates in life, I guess. I did basically nothing at work except read about syntax, but I think I figured it out enough to be able to BS a script for next Tuesday (Monday is Canada day, so hopefully I don't have to show up, lol). I think it's just instrument.write(<command> wink ...
Also went for lunch with the other dude with my lab. dumplings are pretty solid. Had leftovers for dinner (and will have that tomorrow too). gotta schedule in some time this weekend to fold dumplings. but I think I will go to the mall tomorrow in search of a cute white top.
Also, still hoarding diamonds by farming the other stories so I can get the last two clues and idols... it's gonna be 24... + 36 diamonds to get all the ones for book 2. and then I'll need to save another 130+ for book 3... sigh.