Yet another spinoff with our favourite protagonists, Jade, Christy, Ray, and Syrus.
In this edition, one of the M/Cs wins a milk-carton contest which allows them to talk three guests to a brand new, fancy, expensive resort. Seeing as they have no family left on this planet, the M/C takes their friends.
For the couple days, they have the time of their life, eating delicious foods and exploring the waterpark, museum, and shopping center. Due to the contest, everything is paid for them. They meet other guests, who are here for the same reason... but have chosen to elongate their stay.
The M/Cs know that they have the option to stay longer, but have to return to school. But they notice some guests being force carried out by guards and are kinda suspicious.
The M/Cs learn of this whole plot behind the resort's creators, that, when you sign the contract to get the free vacation with the milk carton contest, if you choose to elongate your stay, you have to pay for everything (including the "Free" trip) out of pocket. Essentially, they are (legally) ripping off all sorts of powerful people by tempting them with the contest. I think the M/Cs set out to gather proof and then go their seperate directions to investigate.
Some more stuff happens, and then they probably go back to school.
The end.