Chowder is my dog. He's a Bulloxer, which is a cross between, an American Bulldog and a Boxer. He's white with short hair, weighs 90 lbs, has random black spots, the softest ears and beautiful eyes with long white lashes. He's 8 years old, but still active and very sweet.
I've been building a new home, which will be finished soon. Over the past few weeks, I've been bringing him to the new home while I work in the yard and get things ready to move in. The yard has been fenced in and he has access to the entire property. The backyard borders the water, as the house is on a peninsula. He's never been overly fond of the water, but he's becoming braver with each visit. I think one day he'll jump off the dock. He's met some of the neighbors and loves the kids who have stopped by to visit. One teen has offered to "babysit" or walk him, should I ever have the need.
I'm very happy to know he'll feel comfortable,as I was concerned. He's close with my family, so was feeling bad about moving him. The good news is, he'll still spend time with them occasionally, while I'm at work and they will no doubt visit often (they're not far).

All of you dog lovers will know how important it is to keep our furry babies happy. 4laugh