I have done much traveling and very little writing over the past few days.

The journey to the region known as Pulk was relatively quiet and without incident, for the most part. It allowed me to gather some rare herbs, fruits, and other materials to trade for some more time in the towns and cities’ workshops.

From what I’ve found at Pulk, it has the appearance of an abandoned mine but has been well maintained to provide suitable shelter for the thieves in question. Thankfully, due to the natural darkness and outcroppings of rock within the tunnels, sneaking around Pulk was easier than I had anticipated. It doesn't mean I wasn't found out, as I am not a master thief nor did I have anything of real value to bargain or trade with. In short, some force on my part had to be used to attain my freedom, along with the stolen goods I was sent to retrieve.

It was tiring work, but thankfully I was able to gain some rest in the company of some researchers and a merchant at the ruins of Falensaran. After trading some materials and extra gear for the necessary provisions I would need to continue my journey, I made my way south, towards the tower I have been commissioned to investigate.

I spent probably the better part of a day lost among the lava rivers of a region least traveled, believing that by chance it would make a suitable short cut. I was gravely wrong and nearly expired from heat exhaustion after spending far too much time gathering various ores from some exposed veins. Thankfully, I was found by a patrol unit that was on the lookout for pilgrims and travelers who were at risk of running into danger on the road. They directed me to the nearest settlement, called Molag Mar.

It is here at the Penitent Pilgrim Inn that I take the evening to rest and write. Perhaps tomorrow, I will talk with Captain Naros about what can be done about the dangers on the road.