1. Throughout history, all of our ancestors were polytheist everywhere on Earth, believing stories of meeting, and interacting with gods because personal experience of this kind was apparently common, especially for special individuals, such as nation leaders, and the most desirable of people (most attractive, most intelligent, most skilled, most trustworthy, etc.). Why would you believe that all of your ancestry from prior to 2000 years ago was wrong, and that the most sound of mind, and most trusted of people from before 2000 years ago made it up?
2. If you believe in astrology, why would you trust the Age Of Pisces (the past two-thousand years) teachings of Monotheism, and Atheism when Pisces is the sign of lies, recreational drugs, and hallucinations? And, there is a lie in astrology that the Age Of Pisces will be followed with Aquarius (the age that is perfect for getting rid of truth, and founding cults), going BACKWARDS, instead of forwards to Aries (the sign of truth), because the Age Of Pisces cultists believe they will reverse the ages to strengthen themselves instead of time going forward into Aries. The age were transitioning into is Aries, and with it the Pisces cults will be defeated.
3. In Monotheism, you are taught, “Thou shalt put no other god before me,” which is an admittance that more than one god exists in the first place. Monotheism admits it’s wrong since it’s beginning. They also say in the Book Of Enoch that all of the Pagan teachings of history are correct, by saying, “In the time of giants.”
4. Why are you worshiping Hebrews, and betraying your own ancestors, and your own gods? Your people today are so devoted to this conquering, I mean, “conversion,” that you don’t even want to know your history from before the conquering, I mean, before the “conversion,” dismissing your own ancestry that everything of you is inherited from as nothing but garbage barbarians, which would make you still nothing but a garbage barbarian in your genetic potential? You have been conquered, and Hebrewized, betraying your own ancestors, and therefore yourself. That is the correct view from a historian standpoint. You should probably stop calling yourself, and your ancestors barbarians who made things up, and stop saying the Hebrew faith saved you from yourself, and from your own ancestors if you want to be healthy.
5. Yahweh, the “god” that Hebrews teach you to worship is inferior to humans if you bother to actually judge him, and thus is disproven as a god, because gods are superior by definition, not inferior. He isn’t a god, he was made up to start a dangerous cult.
6. If there is one god being, there is a species of gods, and there must be multiple if their superior to humans. In fact, they would have a thriving, abundant population well beyond that of humans. Again, Yahweh is disproven as a god, and proven to be a made up person.
7. Monotheism is proven by it’s history to be a dangerous cult.
8. Atheism is proven by the wrath of Atheists to also be a dangerous cult in the making. It is clearly aggressive enough to cause murder in mass, like Monotheism does.
9. Atheists are disproven by their claim to be scientific while dismissing our ancestors, dismissing modern evidences, dismissing logic, and dismissing the scientific method regarding everything considered spiritual, or religious. They do not practice the scientific method, and are thus unscientific, as that method is the basis of science.
10. Historically, when they wanted to discredit the gods to found Monotheism, they started claiming incest among the gods. Then, the same cult of Monotheism discredited royalty by claiming incest of royalty to further conquer your ancestors, going from attacking your ancestral beliefs, practices, and teachings to attacking your ancestors’ leadership to replace all leadership of your peoples. Monotheists are proven to be conquerors times two. Then, look at how they historically kill off competing leadership, and people who simply have different beliefs because they could become leaders against the Monotheist leaders. Monotheism, and Atheism are dangerous cults Hell-bent on world conquest.