I scare people. It happens. At one point, I'm chill with the rest of the Barton regulars and then everything goes blank. Some make it out alive while others....aren't so lucky.

I scare people. It happens. I thought destroying the animated would calm His hunger but it only egged Him further. The animated are like diet soda: It's not the real thing and He knew this. He showed me what would happen if I made anymore substitutes. I had to find the real thing.

I don't like scaring people but it happens. They don't deserve to be the menu to this monster I'm carrying around. In lust for redemption, my wages are passed to anyone I meet. They look at me bewildered and wonder why I give away lump-sums of gaian money. I respond, "Money is no value to me...only power."

The stronger I become, the more docile Harriett stays. A visit to the Null Chamber and absorbing the orbs to strengthen my rings seems to keep Him calm. But what would happen if I reached my highest power and there is nothing more for me to gain? How much more havoc and destruction would He break upon BrainClam before I get a chance to wake up again?

She's not afraid of Him. What happened?