Today was alright, didn't really do anything. I was supposed to move to Brenda's house today but didn't have the strength to do so due to my aunt not going to church like she usually does on Friday's. It caught me off guard when she actually apologized for her awful behavior, not that it really matters though, the harm has already been done, and her attitude from two days ago really offended me. I haven't talked to Brandon or Jennifer since yesterday, I really miss Brandon, wish I could just leave this horrible city right now instead of having to wait another month. He said the job offer will always be waiting for me, but I wouldn't feel comfortable taking the job after he's done it all on his own, really wish I could be there with him since the start. He is such a good friend and I'm not sure if it's the distance or the time we haven't seen each other but I feel like I really need a hug, really from anyone at this point. Today was alright, didn't really do anything, though.