I chose to free her, completely.

I only just returned, but the thrill of the experience still has me feeling invigorated and on edge. I'm sure I was a bit foolish to do as such, to leave most of my gear in the room I rented for the evening. But it had to be done. I couldn't bear to think of how unhappy Tirwin would have been if I had purchased her only to have the son of her former master have his way with her.

I snuck out of the tavern with no armor or weapons; without anything more than the clothes on my back. Dark clothes, to help me hide in the shadows. There was a sentry keeping guard, but I managed to sneak past them and pick my way through the locks of the house built into the trunks of a giant mushroom.

Inside, there was a lone sentry patrolling the main floor. Tirwin told me to look for her papers in the basement, and so I did. Hiding behind baskets and crates, I snuck my way through the main house, and then through the tunnels beneath. I was nearly caught by a lizard-like servant that happened to be taking inventory of the food in cold storage. At least, I think I was caught. I stayed still when I thought she was speaking to me, but I could be wrong. She didn't sound the alarm...

Tirwin was waiting around the corner from the estate. She had given up hope and nearly thought me to seek some kind of reward in return. I couldn't ask for such a thing, not when I was blessed with a freedom far longer than she or Eoki.

I was happy to see her disappear into the night. But I fear for Eoki, as in the morning I will need to leave for Pulk, and eventually make my way down to the ruins his beloved spoke of. I imagine that it will be a long trek. I can only hope I won't be too late to save him.