I spent the day at sea as the ship sailed along the southern borders of the country isle. It was late in the evening when we docked, and I ran into a familiar face. The lizard-man by the name of Eoki who I had been enslaved alongside by the pirates near Seyda Neen had gotten himself recaptures.

I spoke with him, briefly inquiring how he managed to get recaptured. It would seem that he was constantly endeavoring to regain his freedom. But this last failed escape brought him to find love in a fellow slave. And it is for her sake that he stays. Sun-in-Shadow is her name, a fellow lizard who has a plan to earn their freedom.

I met with her this morning, after delivering the mushroom shipment and spending the night at the local inn. She seems to have a firm grasp on how she might earn her and Eoki’s freedom. But by the sounds of her plan, it will take a lot of time, patience, and working the magisters’ council with sly deals and proposals before that freedom is attained. This leaves me to worry for Eoki, as I am unsure if his spirit will be able to endure such a wait.

But as I agreed to help her with her plans, I have thus learned that love and slavery are a common theme in this Telvanni town. I met two different dark elven men who are irrationally head over heels for two different wood elves.

The first was Brelan, who I met when trying to find a man about some letter that would aid Sun-in-Shadow with her plans. The man was not around, but Brelan proposed a trade. A poem he wrote in trade for the letter. I was to somehow retrieve the poem from the woman who held his affections. A wood elf mage named Ethrandora. From what I’ve seen and heard, she is one who always has her nose in a book. And luckily so, as when I could not attain her attention long enough to maintain a good conversation, a quick slip of my hand procured the poem in question.

A feat that I am not proud to have accomplished, however, it will hopefully bear the fruit of Eoki and Sun-in-Shadow’s freedom. Sometimes a good deed cannot be accomplished without doing something bad.

I received the letter in return for the poem and returned to the scaly maiden. The letter revealed that a relic of Saint Felms laid hidden in the protected ruins of Zaintiraris, which is why one of the magisters of the Telvanni council wishes to earn the property rights. If I can get past the other dark elven house that’s currently excavating the area, attain and deliver the relic to Magister Therana on behalf of Sun-in-Shadow, then the slave might be able to earn a sponsorship from the council. To eventually become a part of the council. It’s a long shot, but I’ll do what I can to help Eoki.

The second love-struck dark elf I met was Llonas. His mother owns a wood elf slave named Tirwim, who is extremely skilled at finding special red shells that costs a fortune as a mage’s spell or potion component. With his mother gossiping so much about the slave, it wasn’t hard to approach her over purchasing Tirwin. But the mother wanted those special shells as payment. And while Llonas allowed me to borrow his trained nix-hound to find the shells, I ran into Tirwin. It would seem that Llonas’s affections are extremely one-sided. She’s at her wits end over the whole situation and simply wants to be free from the family altogether. I would like to help, but I am unsure as to how. Do I buy her freedom through Llonas, or do I break and enter into the family’s home and steal her servitude papers?