Has it really been four years since my friends and I went to a live music thing? Yes, yes it has. In July, we are supposed to go see Mystery Skulls in Houston, and I'm excited but worried.

My friend that I planned this with, has not been replying to me for the past week. I didn't think much of it at the time, because I hit her up so late all the time, but getting on Skype, I can see she hasn't even read my messages. I will have to go digging in my inbox and look for her phone number, it's been so long, I hope it hasn't changed. I hope she's okay. sweatdrop I heard some mixed reviews on the venue, so that already was bothering me, especially since my friend is on crutches right now.

I was so looking forward to being extra, too.

That thing I was wondering about, I'm still wondering about.