After a good night’s rest, I was able to use the fruit and game I found in Archcanon Tarvus’s quarters to make myself a decent breakfast. Though I am unsure as to why he would keep raw meat in his bedroom dresser. It cooked well enough, so I suppose it wasn’t too bad of a place to store it. I headed back to the traders’ market where I spent the day repairing my armor and forging myself a fairly weighty mace. As I was wheeling and dealing in my purchases of a shield, I managed to procure myself a map of the general region. And as I readied myself to return to my room, I heard rumors of some jobs that the country’s patrol was too preoccupied to look into.

It would seem that some spirits in an ancient tomb were causing some historians a bit of trouble. And some highly organized thieves had stolen some taxes and records. Along with delivering some mushrooms to an impatient mage or alchemist, I figured I could make some extra money by taking on these side excursions. So long as they were en route to the locations I needed to investigate for Archcanon Tarvus.

I suppose I’ll be in need of some extra rations and supplies, in case some of these areas don’t have a local inn or tavern.

Based on what I was able to gather from the map, most of the locations I will be investigating are along the west coast, just past the Shrewsbury Abbey. I can’t help but remember the promise I made to visit Polly and tell her of my adventures. But I would have more to tell her if I explored along the east coast first. And it would seem that I can take a ship to Sadrith Mora and stay at the inn there after I deliver the mushroom shipment. Surely they’ll have a kitchen and supplies needed to procure more rations before setting off to Pulk to deal with the thieves or Barizlar’s Tower. It looks as though it would be a fine stopping place between both locations.

That is what I’ll do then. Set sail and find my way from there.