It took me a bit longer than I had anticipated -both in my stay at the abbey as well as finding my way to Vivec City.

I thought that I might make a quick departure from the abbey once I had completed my breakfast. But first there was no one to make such a meal and after I had indulged myself, a terrible howling echoed throughout the building. The reasons behind the commotion are still a mystery to me, but I was able to learn that the enchanting young woman named Polly was something other than human. A mechanical creature of the sort, but filled with a clear sense of complex emotions such as care, concern, and loyalty. I feel that she is by far more than a simple machine or contraption made by an engineer or mage.

I served a handful of guests some tea before Polly returned to report what she knew or witnessed, though due to her appearance and the danger her friends were in, she was not in a pleasant state of mind. Bus as the tavern grew more crowded with those who knew her best, I felt compelled to make my departure knowing that she would be in good hands.

It would take me another full day's journey to reach Vivec City, though I did not look for an immediate place to stay. After camping out one night, I entered the city with slightly refreshed eyes. Making my way through the traders' market, I talked with a few of the local merchants and craftsmen. I was able to make some good trades and haggled for the chance to repair my armor and forge me a new weapon. But before I was able to do as such, I needed to head to the Palace of Vivec to meet with the living god.

Cannon Llevule was there, as well as the archcanon known as Tarvus. He seemed most displeased with my presence, but the priest I assisted earlier vouched for my good will and trustworthiness. The half-naked, dual-colored skin, poorly armored living god welcomed me with open arms. I would almost say with open legs as well, but as he thankfully kept them crossed and covered with a jeweled loincloth as he floated in mid-air.

Lord Vivec gave me the impression of someone who was dually humble and pretentious; a very odd quality for someone to have if you ask me. He requested that I further assist him, as he and the archcanon were trying to determine why and how the living god was being depleted of his divine power.

After I was instructed to retrieve a blessing stone from a nearby construction site -a task that I first had to give aid to some of the workers that fell upon a bit of bad luck in trade for the stone- we were able to perform a divination ritual. But before the ritual was fully completed, Vivec's power was drained from the blessing stones!

Archanon Tarvus was able to glean some information from the handful of visions the ritual revealed. Thusly, he's requested that I investigate three different areas around the country: Balmora, Ald'ruhn, and Balizar's Tower.

I have been compensated for my efforts thus far, and rightly so considering I probably spent half the day running up and down a massively tall set of stairs just to speak with Lord Vivec throughout my endeavors. Enough so to purchase me a cozy room at the Saint Delyn's Inn. But there is still much I must prepare before I leave for my investigation. I'm giving myself one, two days tops to make my preparations.

I can only hope that in aiding a living god I haven't gotten myself in over my head.