i read online last night that my psycho (no, srsly. antisocial personality + narcissistic personality and histrionic or borderline.. that's her) ex roommate had her baby.
he was two weeks early. (but still a healthy weight/size, reported healthy)
it's a boy.

she and her younger sister were due within 4 days of each other, and i assume, the younger sister was due first.

all i can think is "she had to outdo her baby sister and have her baby before her."

and then i saw the name. his middle name is the same as her baby sister's married last name!

yeah.. it's a common name. "thomas"... but like... it's such a coincidence that i wonder.
and it's not like her dad's name is tom, and i don't believe her grandpas were toms.

it strikes me as a stab to her sister.... or some sick honoring... look, i can pop out my baby faster and name him after you.