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The Life and Mind of DamnBlackHeart
This is to help me stay actively writing. So expect to see rants, tips on writing, thoughts on subjects, me complaining of boredom, reviews, anime, movies, video games, conventions, tv shows and whatever life throws at me.
Devil May Cry -- The Series Storyline
Note: This contains SPOILERS! So don’t read this if you haven’t played the games or read the manga/novels. If you don’t care, please enjoy my attempt at putting the beginning of the DMC series story together. I have shitty memory and sometimes I need a reminder of what (and when something) happened. This mostly focuses on Sparda, though…


2,000 years prior to modern times (basically before the events of the Devil May Cry 3 and the rest of the series), a mighty demon swordsman called Sparda, The Dark Knight was one of the demon generals working for Mundus–the Prince of Darkness who became the ruler of the Demon Realm (also known as Hell, Underworld, Netherworld, Dark World, Devil Kingdom, etc. ) after overthrowing and slewing the previous ruler.

Sparda helped Mundus conquer the Demon World, but Mundus decided it wasn’t enough and he wanted to expand his rule to the Human World as well. However, during the invasion Sparda “woke up to justice” and went against his own kind to aid the humans. Sparda single-handedly defeated Mundus’ army and then Mundus by sealing him into a marble vault.

To insure the safety of the Human World from the Demon World, Sparda used his own blood, the blood of a human priestess, his devil sword Sparda (in its unawakened form it’s known as Force Edge) and a mystical amulet in ordered to close the gateway (the Temen-ni-gru tower is what powered the portal) between the two worlds. As an added measure, he also imprisoned within the tower gatekeepers: Cerberus, Agni & Rudra, Nevan, Beowulf and Leviathan. He also took the names of the Seven Sins to imprison them and set them as seals to keep the Temen-ni-gru hidden underground.

In doing this all, it would also weaken his demonic powers. The reason is that all natural demons are born from the darkness that makes the Demon World. They have a connection with it, and it is within the boundaries of this realm where demons are capable of unleashing their full power and strength. Many demons become severely weakened if they are away from it or have their power cut in half when the portal to the Demon World is sealed shut.

Later on, Sparda came upon Fortuna and sealed another path to hell using the Yamato. In the country’s history Sparda supposedly stayed and ruled Fortuna as a feudal lord for some time. Once he left the island the people living there continued to worship him, treating him like a God.

Sparda’s activities after that are shrouded in legend, though it is understood that he proceeded to watch over the humans. He disappeared after a while, but reemerge again in the twentieth century. At that time he met and fell in love with a human woman named Eva. They settle down in a secluded mansion near Red Grave City and had twin sons, Dante and Vergil.

Sparda would train the boys and for much of their early childhood, neither of the boys realized their father was a demon (or that he had any connection with the legend). Eventually, Sparda died under unknown circumstances (and it’s assumed by fans that this happened a year before the boys 8th birthday, based on the painted family portrait on the wall), leaving Eva and the twins vulnerable. [1]

For Dante and Vergil’s 8th birthday, Eva gave the boys one half of Sparda’s Perfect Amulet. But on that day, they were also attacked by Mundus’ demons in revenge. Eva hid Dante inside a closet and told him, “If I don’t return, you must run. By yourself, alone. You must change your name. Forget your past and start a new life as someone else. A new beginning.” [2]

She left him to search for Vergil, but she was killed before she could even do so. At the time, Vergil was playing alone at a playground a few yards from the mansion. He was ambushed by the demons and taken to a nearby cemetery to be toyed with. But I could be remembering incorrectly and Vergil might’ve been paying his respects at his father’s grave (or a memorial stone) when the attack happened. Anyway, upon seeing his home burning in the distance, Vergil awakens his inner demon and kills all of the demons with Yamato. [3]

Vergil then went on the run, being hunted constantly by demons and believing it was his own weakness that led to the death of his mother, his brother and the loss of his childhood home. Though, Vergil may have also assumed his mother had abandoned him (or didn’t love him as much) and choose to protect Dante over him. Either way, he experience a painful loss and learned the truth about his father. He decided it was better to embrace his demonic heritage from his father and shun his human side.

While Dante on the other hand followed his mother’s advice. He ran and took on the alias of Anthony “Tony” Redgrave, which would’ve allowed him to live the rest of his early years undetected by Sparda’s enemies. He becomes a mercenary and later he embraces his true identity.

That’s when you get Devil May Cry 3 Manga, a prequel which happens a year before the game Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening. It’s followed by the Devil May Cry 1, Devil May Cry: The Animated Series, Devil May Cry 4, and Devil May Cry Volume 2 which leads into Devil May Cry 2. Then we get Devil May Cry 5: Before the Nightmare, which is a prequel novel set before the events of Devil May Cry 5.


After Thoughts:

[1] – It’s never stated how Sparda died, nor what happened to his body afterwards. It’s assumed that he was killed when he didn’t returned from wherever he went. But most fans believe he died of natural causes, given his extreme age of 2000+ years and the fact that his demonic power may have withered down to almost nothing at that point. Others suggest he might still be alive, but could be trapped somewhere unknown in Hell to suffer or something.

If Sparda was still alive, but trapped or killed I’m sure a demon would’ve bragged about it. After all, Sparda is the Legendary Dark Knight and it would’ve been a pretty big deal to be the one to defeat or kill him. They would’ve wanted to be acknowledged (or take credit) for being the one to do him in. Unless no one lived to tell the tale about what happened to him? Such as, maybe he defeated the demon (and the minions) that was causing problems, but was fatally injured in the process and went somewhere to die peacefully? Someplace that he knew his remains (or ashes) would’ve been left undisturbed by everyone. It would also help to avoid the possibility of being resurrected (and enslaved). I don’t know…

Also, I’m surprised that for a 2,000+ year old demon, who spent quite a bit of time in the Human World didn’t hook up with a human sooner. Hmm, maybe Sparda did a few times, but it never became serious? Or he tried once and it didn’t end well, but meeting Eva changed his mind? Though, I do wonder if any of his past relationship resulted in children (which he might be unaware of)? Probably not, and if he did I doubt that the kids got to lived to an old age. Unless they were kept secret and hidden away, which could’ve allowed them to live peacefully for a long while (it certainly worked for Dante when followed his mother’s advice about hiding his true identity).

Eventually, demons would’ve found them. They’re like bloodhounds, recognizing Sparda’s blood as soon as they cross paths with someone who has it. I don’t know if they can smell the difference in a person’s blood (maybe it’s only when a person is injured) or they could sense it in a demonic energy/essence way (which might only work when they’re close proximity to someone)? Maybe it’s both ways? I don’t know…

Either way, it’s not impossible to believe that Vergil, Dante and Nero might not be the only ones to exist in the DMC universe with Sparda’s blood in them. So this could be an interesting OC (Self-insert, or Reader-insert) fanfiction idea. To basically introduce another descendant of Sparda. I’ll have to keep in mind about their demonic blood from Sparda, because it’s likely to become more diluted with human blood over time. So it’ll depend on how long ago their blood line from Sparda started.

[2] – I’m curious about how Mundus even managed to get his demon minions to find and attack Sparda’s family when he was still sealed away. I thought it was just plot convenience, but then I realized that if Sparda is actually dead than that would explain it. His death most likely weaken the seals keeping Mundus contained, which allowed him to get messages out to other demons to get revenge on Sparda or the next best thing, his family.

[3] – An eight year old Vergil was able to kill all of the demons with Yamato. I find this to be another hint that Sparda was definitely in his sons’ lives just long enough to teach them how to use their swords (since he did gift the Yamato to Vergil and the Rebellion to Dante). I wouldn’t be surprised that after Sparda’s death, Eva encourage and insist that the boys continued to learn and practice with each other. Both parents wanted to make sure their children had a way to protect themselves and each other.

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