After camping out on the road, I awoke to the sound of someone muttering rather loudly. A feline-like fellow by the name of Halinjirr was pacing along the road, anxiously no less. When I approached him, he explained that he was a poor but simple farmer, and bandits had taken control of his crops. What these crops were he would not say, but spoke often of a farm hand he was rather fond of. He asked me to retrieve his notes and poison his crops. A rather strange request, but I suppose it was a price for the bandits to pay.

I have to say he not only was most trusting of my skills but what confused me, even more, was how he managed to get into and farm his crops to being with! The dark elf woman, Falura, was waiting outside of the cave entrance, which befuddled me at first. I would later learn why that was specifically.

Either way, after fighting off these horrible insects and lava creatures AS WELL AS the bandits, I managed to get the job done! Only to learn that Falura was an undercover agent working to stop the smuggling and selling of opioids! The fact that Halinjirr had managed to produce such a large crop of a potentially dangerous drug that was so hard to farm in the region had set several red flags with the authorities.

But when I confronted the farmer about it, he insisted that he was not out to produce and sell the drug. He simply used the raw form of the crop to relax. He was aware of the addictive nature of the opioid due to the unfortunate circumstances of several of his extended family.

I couldn't bring myself to him in, and I hope with the return of his notebook I haven't caused anyone any more unwanted trouble.

I feel that I have been rewarded, however. For at the end of the day, after all that I had been through, I managed to find myself a safe haven to rest my weary head and feet. For at this moment as I write, I am currently residing in a room of the Shrewsbury Abbey. A young couple greeted me, and the head chef was kind enough to make me a meal of stew and bread while the gentleman served me a pint. The place soon grew busy as more people came around, and after a bit of noise was made at the entrance, the co-owner came down and allowed me a key to a room for the night. I have washed myself of the cave crud I had gathered, as well as the dust and grime I had gathered over the week's travel. My gear is cleaned, and I was able to take the time to organize the various items I had stored away in my pack and pouches. Already I feel refreshed, and I am almost certain that I will feel invigorated come morning; after a good night's rest.