We open with Dr. Amelia Greene. A researcher at a university studying biology, or more specifically, bacteria. She somehow discovers (maybe by reading a paper or word of mouth) that a rare form of bacteria may exist in the old tombs left by old civilizations (like Egyptian tombs) that hasn't really been studied. She's super excited by this, because WHO DOESN'T LOOOOVE BACTERIA?? and decides to go to this tomb to get some samples.

She recruits her friends, archaeologist Darren Hill to help with all the... history stuff, and photographer Ray Goldberg to document the journey (and the samples). However, they have no money. Ray takes them to a very rich heiress, Alice, and they basically beg her to fund the trip. She will do so on one condition: if the debt is not repaid within two years of this day (i.e. the trip was a bust), Ray shall be wed to her. Amelia and Darren are cool with this, after all, it's basically risk free for them, but Ray is a little uncomfortable. Still, they accept.

In another side of the story, two Russian spies/gangsters are dispatched to loot this tomb. We learn that they plan to arrive the same time as Amelia's group.

Basically it's the casual story of three dorks who run into some trouble (oops) whilst on the hunt in the desert (or maybe Amazon) and end up getting some bad guys arrested, and then make their name in the science (and photography?) world.