My oldest sister seemed to have gotten her pick of the gene pool while the rest of us got the scraps. She's model gorgeous, responsible, hard-working, recently married with an equally gorgeous husband, living the good life in the big city with a cute dog and exciting job. I can't be mad at her. She's earned it. And she's safe. That's all I can ask for.

I don't know where the hell my second eldest sister is and what the hell she's doing with her life and I don't particularly care. I'm still so effing mad at her for so much. She had a mean streak and it ruined her. Now she's just a hollow shell of who she used to be before she turned to drugs in high school.

While I, the youngest, am just...average. Living in a small city, small apartment, by myself, working three part-time jobs, donating what change I can spare to charities and the occasional homeless person who asks for help, taking time out of what spare time I have to help the more than occasional lost dog find its home because someone was stupid enough to leave their gate open and not think to put a tag on the collar to make it easier to find its home, working my butt off in the community garden so I can donate my harvest to the homeless shelter only for some f*cking teenagers to keep breaking in and stealing equipment because they can't think of anything more productive to do but get a criminal record, constantly overlooked by guys in the dating world because I don't look like the collagen bloated-faced size zero mutants in sh*tty model magazines but I don't think I want anything to do with them since I'm sure they all go to that awful stripper bar downtown to look at naked women rather than earn it through trust and effort. (Plus I don't think I'd want a man living in my apartment, leaving messes for me to clean up and farting in my bed every night.) I'd love to move to a bigger city where there's more excitement and opportunity, but I can't afford it on minimum wage or afford to look for new jobs in a new city when it took me two years to finally find steady work when I first moved to this town. I'd also love to buy my own patch of lush, green land in the countryside and run my own little fruit and vegetable farm, but that may never happen for me either. And despite all the good and giving I do to help myself feel better and positive about myself, I still get sh*t on by people I don't know for zero reason and get all that positivity sucked out of me because people suck.