"I agree with your ways of peace, and wish to aid you on your quest," Alto says, acknowledging us with a gentle curtsy. "I can bring you into the heart of Choir to meet with the remaining members of the Quartet, and we will together determine if we would like an influence on the fate of Orkestra." Her voice is smooth and rich, and she speaks with the confidence of a grand leader despite her small frame.

"Thank you," Rosie says, "Perhaps we could get going --"

"One moment," Alto raises a hand to cut her off. "The people of Choristers are one with the land. Visitors must dress appropriately. It is why we have these...," She glances toward a doorless hallway, "...preparation chambers. The four of you joining me in [capital city] will board the train in fifteen minutes and thirty seven seconds."

"Wait," I interrupt, "Only four of us are gonna go?"

"Why, yes," she replies as if the answer were obvious. "There are four members of the Quartet, and you must equal our numbers to approach us. It is the only way to ensure complete fairness in any discussion." With that remark, she turns to leave. "Fifteen minutes, please meet me at the train platform!" She calls on the way out.

"C'mon, let's talk in there," Jack hisses before any of us can say anything. He glances suspiciously at the guards still perched at the building entrance, despite them having their backs turned. We quickly follow him down the hallway.

The room is essentially a locker room for the sporting facilities at a junior schools. Grey lockers, both empty and full line the walls. Wooden benches sit at the center. The walls are as barren as the previous room. I wonder if the rest of Choir is this... bland.

"Alright. Bella? What the hell do we do?" Rosie immediately says.