Well, hello there, friends.

So, I thought I'd put some slack on the entire conference and actually touch on what every company had shown and really break some of it down. I still love nintendo, and their direct really made me feel something, but, let's talk about the others. I'll talk about ninteno at the end. angry eyebrows.

Let's start with the two that I did not give many ******** for. Bethesda and Ubisoft. They were less than tolerable this year and the sequence of showing off mobile games and games as a service pretty much solidified my indifference towards them. (I'm fairly positive they shelled out big bucks to make those crowds scream because I hated every simpering second they were on screen.)

Anyway. Bethesda. Doom Eternal. Cool. I like Doom. I haven't played a whole hell of a lot of it but it's fun. Fallout 76? Garbage. Don't care. Ghostwire: Tokyo. No gameplay, just a cool trailer but I trust Shinji Mikami and his understudy, Ikumi Nakamura, so, I'm tentatively hopeful. Anything to do with Elder scrolls, I have virtually zero interest in. Wolfenstein? Another shooter. Looks nice, though. Rage 2 expansion trailer was funny, but its just an expansion and I don't play Rage 2. Deathloop. Looks interesting but I assume it will be a FPS and leave it at that.

They had that s**t, Orion or whatever. I don't know anyone's digital hard drives or internet that good enough to handle a s**t ton of digital downloads where I live. I don't do digital copies because you can lose them so easily and they can be revoked in which case, no, I'm not doing it. Catch me dead with that s**t.

Ubisoft. Watch Dogs Legion. It looks GOOD but I've been burned before! But...Grandma Assassin Helen. Amazing concept. Expansions for the Division 2, which I've never played. Rainbow Six Quarantine is something I am excited for, I did enjoy Siege quite a lot. Tom Clancy mobile game, toss it. Ghost Recon, meh. There was the Terminator. ooooh. or whatever. You guys saw Roller Champions, right? I don't want to be THAT a*****e, but does anyone here remember Steep? That open world winter sports game? Where the majority played it for a week and then never touched it again? I have a feeling this will meet the same fate. It's preordained. Not in the sense that it's going to be bad! In the sense that party games generally have that low retention issue where if they're not diverse enough, they just die off.

AND ******** Uplay+. Miss me with this weak a** monthly s**t. It's gotten to the point where the services are the ******** games. I can't afford any of this. None of it. My only warning is that people are going to start getting very choosy. Over-saturating the market only leads to heartache and we're ******** there. In the era of pure Netflix, pirating went down. Guess what's on the rise due to an over-saturated market of streaming services? Pirating. This is only going to end in more pirating.

Xbox/Microsoft. I mentioned them in the last entry. Cool. Gears 5. Halo Infinite. Cyberpunk 2077. There's a lot here, no where near enough to shrink into an entry like this but so little gameplay. Apparently, most of these games had a booth at E3 for people to play but... BUT. this gets my skivvies all in a twist because they're hiding this content behind a pay wall, and that sucks. There was so little gameplay this year. I want to believe these games will be good. I can only assume that they avoided showing gameplay mechanics because they don't want the mass audience to see how far along the games are. That potentially for better or worse.

Bleeding Edge looks dumb. I'm sorry, edgy overwatch. I'm just not into you. Star Wars? Let's hope this goes better than last time. Diablo Minecraft? Fun. Won't play it, though. Battletoads, amazing BUT it LOOKS like a flash game. C'mon. That's pathetic. Blair Witch. What? What ******** year am I in? Kinda digging it. They showed off a ton of indie games I'm probably going to play because at least those games have people working on them who are passionate not only about their stories, but sharing them. I have yet to play an indie game, well funded, that was garbage. And yet I have absolutely paid top dollar for triple A titles and was ******** trolled.

********. I can't wait until the articles start coming out about how services are going to start being cancelled and "they don't know what happened!" because they didn't realize people don't want to spend 200$ a month to keep online subscriptions going.

Anything coming out on the Epic Game Store... Like the Outer Worlds and Shenmue III, I don't need. I got rid of one digital store, which was ORIGIN because that thing was such a steaming pile of donkey s**t I have literally sworn off The Sims and EA for the rest of my life, that's how much I hate it. Steam works well for me. Steam has never given me problems. I know there's a massive underlying monopoly that is a huge issue but I can't jump ship when I'm already this dedicated.

Also, let's talk about these games super quick. Obsidian Entertainment made Fallout originally and they struck gold. I played the original a few years ago and it was fun, but you know what got me into Fallout? New Vegas. It was so good I dedicated an entire summer to it. Now, Fallout 4 was fine. I enjoyed it, didn't play it much passed the main campaign, but it was fine. If the Outer Worlds was coming out for consoles, I would pre-order it. but it's an Epic Game store exclusive.

And now... Shenmue III. So, quick backstory. People loved Shenmue I and II. So obviously, III entered development hell for the better part of a decade and fans have been waiting on a sequel for nearly two decades. So much so, that they kickstarted the game and got them the funds (in record time) and the game is going to come out this august...wait, no... my bad, november.

It's coming out on PS4 and as an Epic Game Store Exclusive. Not on Steam, which was a promised backing from the kickstarter and OH BABY A TRIPLE. Naw, jk, that's ******** garbage and I know the fans are hurting so bad, which, rightfully so. Supposedly, those who backed in the proper tier will still get their steam key but to those who couldn't pledge the full amount for a digital copy, well, you're SOL.

Sony announced FFVII release date. I'm assuming they're praying people forgot it's episodic. I'm more excited about FFVIII getting a remaster, if you can believe it. I don't mean this to be edgy but VI and IX were my favorites and they're virtually forgotten every time. The power of love triangles is strong. Even though people have literally forgotten WHY there was a triangle in the first place... I'm betting people don't remember the story quite like they think they do. Which is usually the case!

Last thing I'll touch on. People are ******** children. I mean this as the kind of backlash to the cancel culture people are trying to push on Nintendo. get out of here with that s**t.

I said I wasn't going to talk about Pokemon for a few months, BUT HERE I AM. ********. it's not a big deal! They're not bringing the national dex back, some Pokemon won't be available in the game at all. no transfer, nothing, because they won't have a model. And I'm going to guess it's going to between the 100-200 Pokemon because of many reasons.

Honestly, it's fine. Over a thousand models Pokemon and people are like, it's the XY models. No, they're not. I will admit, the animations are stiff, and they make it seem like the animations they're adding are like... really elaborate but that's not the case, even so. I heard the people who made the Pokemon Colisseum game on GC were the ones who did the 3D modeling in XY and those models were fantastic but as far as I know, they're not working on this project.

I'm not going to scream at them about sob stories that I have Pokemon from places and people that I hold dear but, oof, newsflash, that's not their responsibility.

I have also seen people crying that their Pokemon from red and blue won't be with them and they've had them over 20 years and BULLSHIT. Gen I and II had no way to bring pokemon forward so I see a bunch of ******** liars in this crowd! The fact that you can send pokemon from gen III up has been a mercy on their part. They never had to do that. they did it because it was a simple way to get mons into future generations and I'm assuming they're doing this for three reasons.

1. get people to play with the new mons instead of just bringing in all old mons at like lvl 100.
2. Limit the time crunch on the game and get it out for christmas.
3. Potentially make it DLC or serve a purpose to Pokemon Home. They did the same thing with Pokemon Bank. Took a while but it came. Just because it's not out on release day doesn't mean they're never doing it.

Also, I have a feeling that Gen I and Gen IV mons are safe. Gen II and Gen VI will not be so lucky.

And lastly, again, you ******** kids and your crying. Animal Crossing is delayed. boo-hoo. I honestly came here to have such a good time and this rant had taken over my entire post. It was obvious that Animal Crossing was delayed. They mentioned difficulties in the app game months ago, and if you kept up with the maintenance of Pocket Camp, you know why it's delayed. The direction they're taking now is what they wanted, the game before was too different and as a internal source at Nintendo claimed, boring.

Think of this like what happened to RE4. Remember that? It was going to be a pure horror game with like a hook man and suits of armor? Some of that survived but the entire tone of the game changed thanks to Shinji Mikami.

Y'all need to have faith. I don't mean y'all. Most of you in other conferences seem chill as ******** and nintendo fans are burning their contractual allegiance only to write it up again in four months.

Even so, this E3 left me underwhelmed and so much of it was spoiled weeks in advance, but it was fun. It's that weird lul between the next gen systems and releases so lets see what the future brings.