The Phoenix
// You were born into this world with innocence and ancient wisdom.
At a young age you knew things you wern't supposed to know, and soon that innocence was taken from you.
You're strength was tested, and sometimes you would yell at the sky asking all the reasons why... You soon learned that alot of things take time.
You start realizing that your wounds don't define you, they never did.
You can only change yourself. You seperate from those who only make you cry knowing deep down they feel pain inside.
You go lone.
Your vulnerability is not a weakness.
Unweaving and picking apart your deeply rooted fears and shadows you find a reflection of your perception.
Digging beneath the ego you find something that you can't help but grin.. A light inside you, The spark in your eyes, The desire to rise above the ashes.
You are an one of a kind star in the cosmos ready to write your own destiny.//