Out of the ordinary entry I guess, but I had the wildest dream yesterday.

I think there were two celebrities or royals getting married or something. I snuck into this giant mansion with many floors to spy on them, as a musician. I think I was with my roommates, but I'm uncertain. (Heike was there, I think). I was wearing all black, I think they had musicians play. But I left my flute on the performance stage (or in the green room).

Anyway, for some reason we met random kpop group members that we like. They didn't really speak English. One of them took pictures with us and the other ran away at the first mention of their name. Maybe they didn't want fans around idk lol.

I don't remember why but our purpose was to spy on (maybe stop?) the wedding. We had to dodge security and hide on an upper floor to watch the ceremony. But we fit in because after the musicians had performed they were allowed to watch. The wedding happened and then we realized that the couple wasn't actually the couple, it was two random dudes dressed up in place of the couple. We were worried they were kidnapped or something, so we ran to investigate.

However, because I abandoned my flute earlier I couldn't find it. Someone told me it was in the music room, others said since it was left onstage the cleaning people probably chucked it in the trash.

And then we snuck into yet another giant mansion (house of one of the people that were supposed to get married). I think it was to look for clues to what REALLY happened -- why did people pose in place for them at the wedding? Why were we the only ones who noticed??

Never got to the bottom of the mystery. I woke up because of the frikin birds outside the window. But thought I'd write this down because it might make an interesting plot to a story.