My travels do not seem to be going well.

I managed to find a local merchant in Seyda Neen where I was able to sell off some of the gear I found during my slaver excursion. The elf himself apparently was new to the area and found the dark elf customs to be about as strange as I do. Afterward, I was able to buy a decent meal at the local tavern, but no inn to speak of for a bed to rest on. I might just need to save up my coins and consider purchasing some rooms across the countryside so I will always have a roof to sleep under.

After leaving Seyda Neen in hopes of finding a port that had an actual inn, I hopped a ship to a city called Port Kalem. A bustling place in comparison to the previous village, complete with several taverns and inns. I had high hopes of finding a place to rest at for the night at The Silvered Mare, only to be put to shame for my drab attire and uncleanliness. I can't blame them, as I would prefer a hot bath more often than not. But when it comes to a traveler, such accommodations are not always readily available. I thought it best to take my leave before upsetting the proprietor.

This morning, after a rough night by the shore, I overheard a woman pleading with the local guard. It seemed as though someone was severely injured on the road leading out of town, and she was sent to find help. Curious about a potential story, I went to give what little aid I could offer. I found the person who sent the woman, a priest of sorts who goes by the name of Canon Valassa. A rather discouraging woman who seemed most flabberghasted by the number of questions I had. Her bodyguard was practically torn apart by some monstrous people called Daedra, and one of her companions stayed behind at their ancestral tomb so to complete some task they were sent to full fill for their living god of sorts. A Lord Vivec, I believe they called him.

I offered to go help the companion, named Canon Llevule, who knew how to complete the ritual to summon his ancestor, but I would have to ask some questions of the summoned spirit. Oh, and fight off these daedra people. It was no easy feat, though others who were exploring the tomb helped to keep us from getting swarmed. In the end, we were able to complete the task at hand, but in truth, I have no idea what I asked or how the answers made any sense.

Not to mention that some daedra prince possessed some other woman to speak of me! Strange lands I find myself in, indeed! Especially at how often one finds lockpicks in an urn instead of ashes...

On a side note, I really ought to replace this greatsword I have with a shield and shorter blade. Greatswords do not maneuver so well in the close confines of a tomb and are a bit cumbersome to carry as well.