I tried to make this entry last night, but there was a pink box on my page, and long story short, it ruined my attempt. I'll make this quick. I had passion twists for the first time, and also tried crocheting hair for the first time. It was pretty good, actually. Then, I got a perm. I am stepping back from the natural thing, I really did it to help my hair grow, but it got thicker, not longer. I did not wear it out much, so I'm kind of glad to go back to something I know.

My head is everywhere right now. Fear, embarrassment, confusion, doubt, wonder. Who knew one little thing could set me off? I did. Ugh. I am not crazy, but I wonder if that's the vibe I give off. I could give a person all the space they need, but don't think I won't grumble if I feel slighted. And if I say it, I mean it. There's also a tiny dot of something else; pure foolishness, I think. I just hope this has a meaning to it, and isn't just a one-off. sweatdrop