Here are some RP ideas I have that I might be willing to do.

Bold parts are the parts I would like to play. If nothing is bolded, I'll play either role.

Strike means I currently don't want to play this RP.

emotion_bigheart Means I really want to do this RP

emotion_eyebrow Means I'm not currently interested, but might be willing if you have a good plot idea.

Also, I RP with guys and girls, so if you are female and see an idea you like, we can still do it

Siblings (or Step siblings)
Popular kid/ Loner
Cheerleader/ Punk
Football Captain/ Punk girl
Zombie Apocalypse
New kid at school/ Trouble maker
Girlfriend/ Boyfriends best friend

If you have any RP ideas, don't hesitate to ask me. I might be interested. The worst I can do is say no.