This is the story about a young ex-assassin, who is forced to go back to his old life for the sake of a loved one.

(Wow, what a lame opening line)

So we have Zach. He's engaged to this lovely girl named Estelle? Estela? Elle? Ellie? I don't remember tbh. He's given up the criminal life in order to start a happy family with this girl. Unfortunately, she gets kidnapped by a powerful gang leader in their city. The only way for him to get her back is to complete a hit list of 10???? people, which are the leader's biggest enemies.

They include:

1. Some girl that runs an illegal fighting ring at the back of a club or bar or something
2. A drug dealer
3. A pimp
4. An alcoholic that bootlegs or steals alcohol or something
5. Another assassin, who is actually staking him this whole time. He befriends her or something, and she refrains from murdering him immediately because her boss also wants a bunch of these people dead.
6. A guy who sells information about gangs/shady businesses to other gangs and shady businesses
7. ??? Maybe there weren't 10 people, I don't remember

But at the end once he is completed his tasks he is brought before the gang leader, only to reveal that ... it is his fiance! Turns out he was planning to marry a criminal mastermind. Wild. Not sure how this turns out, maybe he dies.