Cadence of Hyrule

Mario Maker 2

Trials of Mana

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Luigi's Mansion 3

No More Heroes III

Link's Awakening Remake

******** CONTRA?




As you can see. I am very pleased with the Nintendo Direct. They showed off so much raw gameplay footage that we actually got to see them play the game HANDS ON, actual gameplay footage to see how the game works and I can't get over it.

Okay, I know there is a lot of other good s**t BUT they don't seem to be passed the proof of concept stage and some have been in development for so long I don't really care to see more, the games will come when they will.

This applies to games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Final Fantasy VII. I have no doubt they'll be phenomenal games, but they've been in development for so long, just spoiling more and more of the games when I just want to experience it for myself. The game that this is the worst for, in terms of spoiling, is Fire Emblem Three Houses. They introduce a new character weekly and just for that, and Fire Emblem Fates, I'm going to hold off on picking this up.

Cyberpunk 2077 on the other hand, there's Keanu Reeves, I HAVE to play it.

This also applies to Ghostwire Tokyo and WatchDogs Legion.

I mean, there was a lot of good s**t but no gameplay, I've been burned so bad that if a game doesn't show off gameplay, I don't care much. Like the trailers look nice, but they ALWAYS looks nice. They wouldn't show anything bad.

Though with all the games for the Switch, you can see the degradation of graphical capabilities BUT they don't hide that and honestly I appreciate that s**t so much! You can see exactly what the game is going to look like. They don't hide the lesser functionality compared to the PS4 and Xbox but they offer literally triple the support and game titles this year.

The difference is so noticeable. Like, Ubosoft had NOTHING. A dog was on stage. He was wonderful, but they had nothing significant besides more service and stuff. And Just Dance 2020. Which meh. It was fun until they hid everything behind a play wall.

I understand how hype it is to see Gears 5, Halo Infinite, Borderlands 3, The Outer Worlds and Shenmue III but like each of these games are either in the conception stage OR have a specific issue that I don't want to talk about because it's so easy to betray your fanbase and then not give a ********. It hurts to see.

On the other hand. Again, Sakurai treats every single I.P that he manages to get his hands on with such respect. Even characters who have been ignored and left behind by their own franchises generally can find a comfortable life and resurgence once they're introduced in Smash. I mean like Megaman, Samus, Ridley, Sonic, and anyone else who generally got burned by either s**t games or just straight murdered by lack of releases.

I like Dragon Quest. I've only played two titles and the addition of four new dudes is great! They're cool new fighters but OH MY GOD, BANJO.

Banjo-Kazooie. The only time I ever played this game was when my neighbors needed a babysitter, and the kids had this game and sometimes had a lot of trouble with some areas so I was able to keep these three rowdy kids in one room, and chillling for HOURS. It's crazy how you'll play a game like a handful of times and yet have such intense and fond memories.

Speaking of fond memories. ANIMAL CROSSING. I nearly ******** cried. I love this franchise so much. I don't give a ******** that it's delayed, I don't. It looks incredible. It looks so good. Think of the wait like a pregnancy. Then you can have your baby. Oh my God, it looks so beautiful. The idea that you go to go to a deserted Island and just... own it? Furniture anywhere, crafting what you want, making your own paths in the world, it's just so goddamn... delightful. It makes me so happy.

Link's Awakening is another one I'm looking forward to. It's so cute and it looks so nice and UGH, Nintendo always makes the most exaggerated design choices but they always ******** work. I like these stylized games because they offer such a unique experience.

I love what they showed off. I love the Mana series and after being so HURT by the Seceret remake, I'm looking forward to this. Although, my favorite title is Legend of Mana, the odds that this game will ever get a remake or acknowledgement is so slim because it was pretty much disowned by Square Enix in the canon department. mY heart. D;

Contra Corps looks amazing. I like contra. I suck at the games, as expected, but I did play a lot of it, along with Jackal for NES. Man, so much nostalgia. Seeing no more heroes, Mario, Luigi's mansion with co-op is just so good. Then we have a lot of Indie games (Is Paper, Please available on Switch?) and things like Astral Chain and Panzer Dragoon that look good enough that I might just pick them for the hell of it. They look like games I would love to play!

And at the end of it all... Breath of the Wild is getting a direct sequel. A DIRECT sequel and I... want it so bad. I want it because it looks like such a good follow up to BotW. I wanted more, I wanted so much more and so many were disappointed by the ending and I know it's not going to follow what I want but please let follow OoT and let us... revive the Champions or change history or -garbled screaming- I don't even know what I want anymore. hahaha.

Nintendo saved E3 for me. Regardless how good the new systems teased sound, how well known and more 'mature' other franchises are, they consistently fall flat in execution, replayability, single player campaigns and promises. Nintendo consistently gets s**t for their choices but most times, it's not the adult themes or the strength of your systems running power that inevitably pulls gamers, it's just making games by not pushing a title through 5 years of development in 2.

The gaming industry is struggling hard, people are used and tossed and betrayed and the way they push micro transactions is such ******** desperate move. Not trusting your game to sell on it's own and hoping your audience will keep opening their wallet is such a nightmare. This feels wholesome. The feels complete, the DLC for smash is one thing. They add a lot of stuff for 30 dollars. The game is huge on it's own but I love seeing games coming out, I love seeing game drops.

Remember when Resident EVII got that same day trailer reveal and demo drop? It was so ******** hype. It was so ICONIC.

I miss that energy.