Wow, we're actually nearing 100 of these BS journal entries???

Hi hi, hope you are enjoying this break from all the STORY PLOT vomit that I've been writing about. I'm trying to capture all the ideas I had b a c k i n t h e d a y because maybe they'll be useful to me in the future. I think Sleepless is the project I want to go forward with, but I need to change the plot and maybe not have so many important characters. I think it would be good for the MC to feel isolated at most times.

Sample and Hold -- currently procrastinating my powerpoint presentation (yikes)! This is due in exactly eight days, so hopefully I should be good soon. I think I have three ~planned~ slides left, and then after that it's choosing a model. I gotta go through the project notes again, and then I should be able to move onto the next project (device fabrication process), which I think will be more interesting.

Also, the idea of eating instant noodles for the next week is kind of depressing, but based on the v e g a b l z i have already purchased, this seems to be my plan. rip me. A lot of the packages actually expire in a couple months too?? So I can't even keep it??? Yikes.

That is all, prepare for yet another PROJECT REVIVAL entry soon (or plots plots). I think I wanna do hitman or the story about the archaeologist.