... and so the summary continues.

The Maker, Rosa, and Jann travel the dangerous wasteland that is the current world in order to defeat the two dolls. They meet a whole bunch of other characters that are inspired from other old civilizations.

At one point in the story, the three split up to travel faster or cover more ground or something: The Maker on her own, Rosa + Jann another

Carita: a young girl from a tribe/village which lives in the forest. She befriends Rosa and Jann and offers them food and a place to rest in the night. But the pair overhear her plans to usurp her father as the leader of the tribe, which she will do by offering Rosa/Jann as sacrifice to the gods by burning them in a fire. They escape through the window, pursued by some villagefolk but manage to escape. Carita is then the one throw in the fire for sacrifice for she was unable to deliver her promise.

The girl with the machete?: The Maker travels to a forest and is almost trampled by a hoard of boar monsters (named after a Norse mythical boar, but I can't remember the name). She is barely saved by a girl with a machete, who's name I don't remember. She is a warrior from a tribe of people who live in the trees and hunt the monsters in the forest for food. The Maker is invited to the village and met with kindness, though the villagefolk do not want to offer her food (they are short on food). To repay the girl's kindness for saving her life, the Maker uses her power to supply the village with food, and tells them that they are able to hunt the boar, and train their glow-in-the-dark pet birds (also named after a Norse myth animal) to hunt and collect food for them as well. The machete girl thanks the Maker for saving the people of her village, and the Maker continues on her way. This girl however, dies in a stampede shortly after.

The three main characters meet up again at the dock. They must cross a raging sea (river?) in order to reach the tree stump or whatever.

Day, the pirate: The M/Cs meet Day, who is a young pirate of a village who lives by the waterfront. Being of Viking descent, the three are met with hostility. Day challenges Jann to a spar -- if Jann wins, Day will take them across the water despite the dangerous storm. Jann does win, and Day takes them across, where they barely live due to the chaotic waters and maybe a sea monster. While the M/Cs make it across the river, Day's boat is overturned by the storms on his way back.

Gravedigger: The M/Cs ask for a place to stay, and the gravedigger complies, putting them up in a shady room next to the graveyard. In return, he demands they enter the labyrinth and destroy the monster that has been destroying gravestones and stealing the dead bodies.

Ghost in the labyrinth: The M/Cs go to kill the minotaur-like creature. The ghost aids them in their search, and they learn he is a lost soul wandering the labyrinth forever, calling for his true love. They defeat the labyrinth and Rosa has tracked a path to the exit. The ghost follows them but vanishes when exposed to the pure light of the rising sun.

Something happens with the gravedigger and then he dies too. But from there on they manage to find the stump and also defeat Ori and Ora, but Rosa and Jann are injured in the process. They end up dying and then the Maker uses the magical stump on herself when she realizes all the death and destruction she has brought on everyone she has interacted with. The gods deem this experiment a failure and that all future humans will not possess any sort of power, for they are not worthy of and incapable to handle such power.