------I don't really know how to title this one, and yes this is a second entry on one day. I was scrolling through my newsfeed and I saw this really wholesome story. Here's the link to the Picture but it triggered some really weird memories for me. There was this one time for me that I begged for money from strangers and I wanna write this to remember this traffic officer lady who helped me out.

------I went to Philadelphia to go on a date. I had everything planned out. This was back in high school either I was fifteen or sixteen I don't remember. I lied to my parents I had rehearsal and a show with my band so that I was gonna be gone for the whole day, but in reality I was going to another city 3 hours away to go on a date. I even bought my acoustic guitar with me to make it believable. I had saved up from my allowance which wasn't a lot. I had bought a really cheap ticket with the chinatown buses before the feds shut them down for a two way ticket. I left really early in the morning I think it was 8 or 10 and I planned to get home. Things did not go so well. I got to Philadelphia only to lose my wallet. It probably fell out of my pocket. I was taking the fox-chase line too I remember that much, the ticket was 20 dollars which is a sham. Had I only known about the market-frankford line I'd save myself some money back then.

------My date was super understanding though, She payed for the movie ticket and her mom drove us to the mall, which I think was cherry hill. I remember there was a guitar center there. I forgot what movie we watched. She also payed for septa fare back to chinatown. I took the chinatown bus back to NYC and it was night time around 10ish that I planned. But because I lost my wallet I didn't really have my metrocard. I just needed 2.75 to get back home. I considered busking but it was night time and people were just trying to get home. Busking is only really effective inside the subway which I needed money to get into, or in a park around the afternoon where theres people. Besides I was tired it had been a long day. So I walked to city hall which is close by from chinatown, since I needed to take the 5 train to get back to the Bronx. I sat by the entrance asking people for change. Most of them ignored me, some of them said no. I stayed there for a good few hours I even took a nap on the park bench. I asked this traffic officer lady for some change and initially she said no. so I went back to a nearby bench and just waited asking for people who walked by, telling them I just needed change to get home.

------I guess the traffic officer lady finished her shift or something because she woke me up from my nap on the bench. She told me I couldn't sleep here. I told her the story that I was in Philadelphia and I lost my wallet there. I even showed her proof because I had to print out the tickets back then because I didn't have a phone because my school didn't allow them. I couldn't show her ID because they were in my wallet. Bless her heart because she told me to stay there and I watched her go to a nearby chase bank. She came back and gave me 5 dollars and told me to go home. I got home around 3 am at night and my parents were asleep by then. Next morning my mom asked how was my show, and I had to lie to her and tell her it was bad and that I lost my wallet.

------But yeah that was one of my near homelessness experience/memories if you wanna call it that. There are more and maybe I'll write more about them sometime in the future. Thanks for reading and caring.

This is Anikacy, and remember to be kind to everyone.