------This has been on my mind as of lately so I thought I should write it out here. I have this idea in my head that Conflict is important. Important in a way that it reveals the character of a person. I'm having a hard time putting this into words. Conflict is a measuring tool. That you distinguish a lot about a person of how they view conflict, whether if they're avoidant or if they stand their ground. I also read somewhere, I think it was a history book, that conflict stimulates growth. That war drives the progress of technology. I think that idea that conflict stimulates growth applies on a personal level as well. When you have conflicting ideas with your ownself or another person, you either stand your ground or you change your idea.

------I'm thinking about this not because I've been into fights and arguments recently but the lack of it actually. I hate stagnation. I practice my instrument everyday because I want to grow and get better. I love learning about new things in life about anything really. If only this journal entry was sponsored by Curiousity Stream or Brilliant. I digress, I hate stagnation, thats what I'm trying to get at and this is conflicting with me personally.

------I'm not fond of conflicts actually. I'm not the type to look for arguments for arguments' sake. I'm an avoidant type really. If I get into an argument with someone I'm usually the type to walk away. Or when faced with someone threatening me I'm the type to say: "Can't we talk this out?"

This is a contradiction.

------If conflict promotes growth and I love growth and i hate stagnation. But I myself is not fond of conflict, doesn't that mean I'm stagnant as a person? I don't really know how to solve this weird contradiction of mine in my head. I guess you can call it an internal conflict. That has been my thoughts for the day, So thanks for reading.

This is Anikacy, signing out