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(Thanks to Chiaroscuro for this monster masterpiece^)

Age: ..Ancient, the base is Primal Groudon.

Purpose: What we were worried about was that a certain evil team would have multiple legendaries. So, the project was initially going to be abusing splices and we were planning on making a team of, guess what, mega monster legendaries~to, just utterly crush the evil doers and any Ultra Beasts, if those exist. Because the other monster isn't enough firepower on his own, and fighting fire with fire is always the best idea. Thick sarcasm there. Ugh. Imagine if we did have a full team. As if the rest of my work isn't flirting with Murphy's law as it is. Not to mention, even if the evil threat team still existed, it was beaten by a kid- probably without using six normal legendaries..which should speak for itself."

Dippy waves its arms and makes a variety of noises all at once.

Kylia smiles and pushes a few buttons, dropping some poke-blocks. " Oh! Sorry, you're a good girl there, yes you are, my favorite dinosaur puppy. You aren't jacked up or an evil conniving witch like most of the others I've worked on/with.

Likes: Other experiments, Television, meats, spicy foods, the fact that she was created to save the universe- so uh..that means she really likes Super senshis and super sentais.

Really likes: Mewtwo, catlike entities, the color purple for some reason

Dislikes: Confusion, curses, people who interrupt others, Charlie, being licked in the face, Primape, bad guys, the type conflict in her head, being lonely or inflicting loneliness on to others.

League moveset: Ice beam, earthquake, Blue Flare, and Calm mind.
Not that they'd let us actually use Dippy for normal things anyways, but they did say if their regulations ever drop, this is the generic setup she will be using.

Side notes: Made from Groudon, Heracross, Articuno, Moltress, Metagross, Haunter, Arcanine, and Reshiram.

" Oh! oh! Did you mention I was created to save a bunch of universes?! Like, the whole multiverse! I have had large scale practice tests with up to five different champions. Unlike my funny faced brother, I am also in here largely of my own volition. Reshiram was chosen because of being a being of light and truth, possibly to also balance out the dark tricky nature of Haunter. Arcanine was picked because they're supposed to be super fast, and is a pseudo legend. Sort of a similar reason as to why Metagross was, really, right??"

sweatdrop "More or less. The first thing is literally true, but none of it need be said. For instance, it's true that if you were to go mad, we probably wouldn't be able to stop you from dimension hopping. Still, don't be so proud about that, people might get the wrong idea. End Log."

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