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Kylia stared uneasily into the visual on the screen. "Um...she's an advanced-Android capable of artificial intelligence, hacking, evolving, and programming. Created from a Porygon. Originally named pypy, because the professor couldn't think up a name. Now I'm Pi, it's short, powerful, efficient, and better; it also doesn't sound like a potty joke. "
Pi had teleported out from her container with ease, reappearing in front of Kylia as a pile of zeros and ones- but interrupting the human even before solidifying.
"But! nng..IF! Wah?!...You can't teleport! That wasn't in your move set, we didn't Teach me that? Kylia. I'm an evolving construct no longer held by the bounds of being a Pokemon. It'll be our little secret, I won't even tell any of my siblings what you look like. The siblings also don't know that I could hypothetically upgrade myself and copy most of their abilities, it's better that way. You though, for a space time distortionist specialist-you aren't very bright. Ah, the joke is supposed to be about rocket scientists. Missed that one. Apologies."

Pi stared at the dumbfounded girl and whirred her mechanical eyes. "Oh. By the way, in case you were thinking about that, I'm sure he already knows. Just keep doing your tasks and pretend that I'm merely a controlled hypothetical future war weapon with detachable limbs. Also, kick Jessica in the shins for me, if she makes another Chobits based crack. "
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