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(P.S. Put simply, The bet between them was "I bet my girlfriend could beat you with half of a Pikachu!" -something something light ball. )
Age: 21,
I know it isn't on the table, but, she's a human-pokemon hybrid..Cloned from a combination of one of the prof's exes and his Pikachu, of course. Also, partly to study the effects of a half-evolved Pokemon, because they wanted to prove something to the Gym Leader Surge. A stupid, petty, and simple argument. Moving on.

Likes: Sweets, candies, bossing Snorlax around, talking about breeding and legendaries, romance, invading the personal space of her siblings, talking about how she isn't small or weak.

Dislikes: Logic, the fact that legendaries can't breed, any form of alcohol - is a judgmental temperamental bi-"
Interrupting Jessica "I am NOT! You're a mental biiitch! It smells funny and makes people do weird things, and a lot of you die for it. S'not my fault that I have a low tolerance. It's YOUR FAULT! "
Kylia taps the microphone speaker and whistles, making a fake explosion sound, then pushes a button. "Thank you, for that, informative interruption, subject....Where was I?

Belief system: It thinks all life, both humans and Pokemon, came from primordial ooze, and insists that Mew was this ooze at the beginning of time.

Strengths? ...Faster than a normal human and capable of doing both things a Pikachu and Raichu can do, including knocking out an elephant. She cannot, however, fly, and attaching Balloons will not change that..stupid intern.

Weaknesses? ..Did I mention the temper? I mean, she's fine most of the time. Hasn't killed anyone, the normal precautions are still in place. Still, bubbly and friendly whenever she has sugar until she is mad. can bribe her to do things with candy. I assume that's a mental side effect of being cloned or something, even though her cells are physically older. Due to the high energy requirements she can also get hangry. So we give her lollipops, a lot, like a kid."

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