This is a terrifying tale in a universe where mankind has become a fragment of what it once was, and gods and goddesses with indescribable powers exist.

The young Maker is an experiment by the gods, to see if mankind is capable of having their amazing powers. She lives alone in a mansion with many rooms, so many that even she has never explored them all. She has two gifts: one, to create, from her hands. She is able to create what she desires so long as she can fully sense the object (i.e. she can only create edible things that she has consumed before, hence she eats the same breads and fruits and cheese every day, for that was all she had known). She also possesses a bloodred locket with the power to animate things.

When she animates things, they won't necessarily come to life but will be animated for a limited time. Because she lives alone in this giant house and is super lonely, she starts building dolls -- hence named "the Doll Maker" -- and bringing them to life to keep her company. But they never last.

So she has a plan to sew a fragment of her locket into the heart of her new dolls. She creates two kind of terrifying dolls -- genderless, dressed in blacks and dark blues, with uneven features and body parts (she was rushed because she was so excited).

These dolls end up haunting her and being evil but unlike the other objects, they don't un-animate. She lives in fear for awhile before kicking them out of the house, and seeks a way to destroy them.

The only way to destroy them is using the lighting of the gods during a full moon ... in a specific patch on a tree stump... or something similar. (the lightning of the gods can destroy anything).

But for awhile Ori and Ora (the dolls) leave her alone so she lives again by herself and tries the whole bringing to life thing. She takes more care this time and grants the new dolls special gifts to give them personality, and this time it works. Meet Rosamund (Rosa) and Jannik (Jan), two twins (but they don't look alike?) who are the Maker's family and best friends, and are sworn to protect her.

But after awhile, Ori/Ora come back to haunt the maker, so Rosa, Jan and the Maker go on a mission to lure the evil dolls to this clearing and they encounter a bunch of characters which will be discussed in the next iteration.