Team 7 had just gone to bed in tazuna’s home. They fought zabuza for the second time and helped bury him and haku.
Ann~is anyone still awake?
She heard four hums in response
Ann~can any of you sleep?
Naruto~me neither
Sasuke~did you need something?
Ann~I wanted to bother sensei, but I didn’t want to be the only one to
Sakura~why is that? You like bugging him
Ann~I do…but not the way I normally do…it’s just…
Naruto~I’m a bit glad I’m not the only one…
Sakura~we’ll go with you if you knock
Ann hummed in response and they went to their sensei’s room, with her knocking
Kakashi~hold on
After a few moments he opened the door for them
Kakashi~what is it guys?
Sakura~we…can’t sleep…
Kakashi took a moment and looked at all their faces
Kakashi~okay. Go back to your room and put your futons together against the wall. I’ll be there in a bit
The five went back and did what he told them to do. He soon came in and sat against the wall and got comfortable on the futons.
Kakashi~I’ll sleep with you guys tonight. Come over and find a spot with me
Ann and ravi moved first, as they often snuck into his home in the middle of the night when they were lonely. They laid on either side of him, resting their heads on his thighs. Sakura went next, settling between his legs so her head was just below his sternum. The boys sat on either side of him and Kakashi put his arms over their shoulders to pull them in a bit closer
Kakashi~everyone comfortable?
They all hummed and lightly pressed against him
Sakura~thank you…sensei…
Kakashi~I understand what it’s like having to experience death like that. I don’t hope for you guys to get used to the feeling, because that means you lose a bit of humanity, but I hope that you guys find ways to be able to cope with this kind of trauma
Naruto~does…does that mean you did?
Kakashi~you’d be bored of my life story if I answered that. it’d be too traumatizing if I told you what I had to cope with too. You guys are so young
Ann~why would it be traumatizing? Aren’t we already traumatized?
Kakashi~I never said my past would traumatize you
Ann~yeah you did just now…
Kakashi~let me rephrase, I didn’t say that out loud
Naruto~has ann always been a mind reader?
Ann~no. am I now?
Kakashi~do you still hear my thoughts?
Kakashi~then yes
Sakura~why now though?
Kakashi~let’s figure that out in the morning…it’s way past your bedtime
Sasuke~I wonder what clan does that
Ann~me too
Kakashi~I know you can’t help it for now, but try to stop listening to our thoughts

As they slept, ann had dreamed a mixture of everyone’s memories, ranging from family being killed, the fox attack, fire incidents, being lost, and killing friends. One of the last things ann saw was kakashi’s raikiri piercing through zabuza’s chest before she was startled awake. She looked around, and found Naruto spooning her from behind. She looked up at Kakashi when he petted her head.
Kakashi~can you still hear me?
She nodded
Kakashi~whatever it is that you dreamed, don’t tell the others. They’ll likely forget it all, favoring it to be nightmares.
Ann~were your memories there too?
Kakashi~yeah. I’m guessing since we’re all together is why it happened. Go back to sleep for a bit longer. It’s only 5
She nodded and soon fell asleep again. Kakashi sighed and rubbed his eye with his free hand.
Kakashi~it’s been a while since I had that nightmare…I can figure out the others’ fears too based on that dream…sakura’s so sheltered, this must be hard for her compared to the others. And then ann…
He sighed again and shut his eye to try to fall asleep again

A little while later Kakashi woke his team, one by one, starting with the boys. Ann was the last to move from her spot.
Ann~do you know what’s happening sensei? Why I can hear thoughts?
Kakashi~it’s a kekkei genkai. You’re from a clan that was believed to have gone extinct years ago.
Ann~so I’m like sasuke and ravi? There was a massacre?
Kakashi~the mist didn’t like clans back in the day, because there was a lot of conflict between neighboring villages. They figured if they killed the hired weapons then the conflict would stop
Ann~do you know about my clan?
Kakashi~considering that your mother is ane, I believe you’re from the maboroshi clan. Go on now, you should get some breakfast. We can talk more about his later.