Guess I will get the life update out of the way first: I still have my job, it's rough, and with them changing rules every few days and my low scores on my calls, I can't guarantee how long I will have this job, but I made it past 90 days, got my benefits, paid off some debt, and put some money towards my car. And no matter what I will stay there and try my best until the end!

Now to the point

I miss the escape that was role-playing. I think now that I am working and have so many stressors in my life, gaming no longer gives me the relief I'm used to because I dont have the time to really get immersed.
But RP...that's something different. I miss looking forward to the replies, and miss the character building. Testing my creative limits and discovering new things about myself. It was always such a relaxing and exciting thing.

But it's been rough getting back into the RP community. All the sites I used to play through are dead. Finding an RP partner as creative and literate as I am (without them being a complete a*****e) has been hard to. And mostly finding someone that will work with the fact that I have a busy schedule and might not be able to reply right away.
I will admit, I tried to get into Furry role-play first. I have more characters to explore in the fandom, and it used to be easy to get romantic and even erotic RP partners but now it's so crazy complicated and I don't know why. sweatdrop

Does this show my age or something??? xd

But I'm just looking for something to do in my free time...something to get the creative juices flowing especially when I feel so dead after making calls at my job and people cussing me out all day stare

So if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.