I'm not normally an outgoing person, and I'm also not one who tends to looks negatively upon life, but there are some people in life that you are bound to meet who make it almost impossible to be positive around them. I have met a couple of these people in life, and I have done my absolute best to be their friends, help them out, and I've even allowed them to bash on me without fighting back, but there comes a time when one has to say enough is enough.

First scenario comes to those who wear a mask; I'm talking about those who pretend to be friends, but then beat you down as soon as they don't get what they want. Fake people who have pretended to care, and then use any weakness you have against you. Twisting your trust into this contorted, disgusting thing that you don't even recognize anymore. Those people are sneaky and enjoy seeing people at their lowest. It's better to stay away from them, but how can you tell who is sneaky and who's truthful? You can't. The joys of life.

The second scenario comes to those who turn defensive when you offer help. These people will talk about the same problems again and again without having done a single thing about it, and the only thing they want is attention. Those are the sorts of people that give others who try to solve their problems, or have big issues, such as depression, a bad name. If you offer any sort of advice, they immediately turn aggressive, and will try to tell you how your life is bad and how you are worse than them. Never listen to them, because not only are they trying to get attention, but they are also trying to put you in a place where you don't belong. If you are happy, either let them go off about how 'bad' they have it, or cut them out of your life for good.

That's it for my rant. Thank you all for reading!