welp, i didn't get the chicken out to defrost in time... i got it out at around 1pm and put it in water...... 4 hrs later and it's maybe 40% defrosted.

so we have to get take out. this always makes my dad pissy.

i cook every day here. maybe once a week we eat leftovers.
the last time i didn't cook something or reheat something that i made was when i ate at my friend's house. which was about a month ago now.

mom has had less and less interest in things since last year. and she also does not pay close attention, so like... cooking is hard for her. plus she never liked cooking to begin with.
also, she's had bad nausea since february.
and since her foot surgery she hasn't been doing much of anything.
and she says she feels "woozy" or dizzy most of the time lately. (not sure if this is due to her barely eating... oh yeah... she has crohn's which is acting up really badly, but also due to the nausea, she barely eats. so like.. i don't know how she's surviving on next to nothing - crackers, plain chicken breast, mashed potatoes, sometimes a cooked carrot, sometimes chicken soup. or rice porridge. an egg. yeah.... )

so like. ugh.

it's hardly fair to ask her to cook in this condition.

and i just. didn't get the chicken out in time. (actually i think i got a bigger piece, had it been small... it might have made it. alas)
so now i'm stuck with that grumpy feelings in the air vibe. not sure if it's real or imagined.

ah my last post in here was about my hoodie. it came. it's nice. i wear it a lot. biggrin