I just happened to log on lmao long time no see I guess

It's been a great year so far. I went to Japan in March until April lol. Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya! and I met a great girl in Osaka and we're good friends now ~ It was so much fun. One time we stayed out all night at karaoke. I got soooooooo ******** drunk a couple times at least. It was so funny. I love getting drunk with friends lmao.

Then I had just a month to save up for my travels to NYC and Toronto.

NYC was so much fun I wish it never had to end. Four of us in a hotel room became 7 lmao but at least we had more beds by then and cookies!!! I love my friends so much. I'm so happy.

Oh yeah I saw the GazettE three times in Japan this year lmao and I finally got to hear 春雪の頃 ~ Also I LOVE The Mortal live it's the beeeest. I didn't even get any pain from headbanging. I saw Mt. Fuji too!! From a bit of a distance but it was still so cool!!

Aaaaa I had so much fun with Kata. We were so stupid together and I loved every moment lmao. Me putting ice cubes on the grill "that's how you cook em!" and her shoving the last of her crepe into my mouth and me trying to talk through it lmaoooo.

Anyway NYC was so iconic. We got a noise complaint in the hotel cuz of me lmaoooooo we had a religious experience our first night. Our private worship lmaoooo. Then the second night I got drunk with everyone and we celebrated Lexie's birthday heart I'm glad she found my drunkness so entertaining lmao.

The day of the live we got up like at 5 am I got up later and we just went to the theater. I was still in my pajamas but I knew how to cover up lmao. People stole my marker and I never got it back... but all for a good cause. We ended up at the front of the GA line. Went back around 10 to get ready. Went to get a pizza down the street and ate it in line. We spent a lot of time in line tbh. But it was so mfing iconic because we saw Ruki and Kai outside coming in. We didn't scream or anything, didn't take photos. And it was just us who saw them! And then someone behind us who wasn't even paying attention had the nerve to lie and said she saw Uruha....

And then me and Jen were jaammiiiiiing in line lmao we're so wild. Honestly GA had it better than VIP. We had a VIP experience lmao. This one guy from the venue was so rude to us lmao. Before we went in we went through metal detectors so I had to take everything off -_- fortunately I brought my "bum flap" with me and just stuff everything in since they gave us just a tupperware thing to put our stuff in. We said ******** it to merch and just ran in. So many damn stairs we shoulda rode the rails down. We managed to get really close! Alex got the barrier and I was right behind her with everyone else. Right on kamite at the end of the stage. I still had a good view of Kai's drumset.

The live was so good and it was recorded the cameras were kinda distracting lmfao I'm sure we got recorded a bunch of times. I managed to get up to the barrier too!! Uruha and Reita came over a bunch of times and I got to see Kai a lot EVEN THOUGH URUHA BLOCKED HIM at one point... Ofc I could see Ruki. I didn't see Aoi a lot but I managed to get his attention lmao as he walked off stage huhuhu. I'm sure they recognized me a biti from Japan... They're probably like ugh she's still here lmaooo. I cried a bit during sono koe... It was so lit. And they did Suicide Circus!!!! 19 y.o me was shook. Did I mention we had a group hug? I'm so glad I go to do this live with such good friends. And Alex who I've known since high school.

Then ofc after we went out for drinks and Mexican food. It was actually soooo good. Not that I didn't think it would be but we were trying to be cheap and it was sooooo good. and I had my corona. And a friend of Ashley's who joined us paid for all of our food and drinks!! It was so kind of her. Then we went for ice cream, I went for cigs, then we went and got alcohol lol. 7 of us back at the hotel drinking it up. I didn't even remember finishing my drink before I passed out. I'm sad I didn't get to say bye to everyone but I'm still so glad for the experience.

The next day Ashley left before me and Alex. Then me and Alex slowly got packed up and went for breakfast at this cool little dinner in Times Square. We just chilled and then I dropped her off before I went and chilled myself at a few places.

Toronto was fun too but not as fun lmao. I managed to sleep on the bus a bit on the way there.

The first day I mostly went around doing stuff I needed to get done and buying stuff I needed. I got to see some cherry blossoms ~ which was nice. i didn't think I'd get to see any after Japan.

The day of the live I went alone but I met new friends! As well as people I've known from online and that was really nice. And it's so crazy that I met Ashley's friend Renee there! I'm glad I went so early even though like no one was there... I was finally able to get merch though I just got a t shirt and I FINALLY GOT the purple keychain. And a shirt for Alex.

The live was fun. It was kind of annoying because I kept bumping into the seat but it was still lit! The setlist was so diff from NYC. We got the songs they didn't. Like the Mortal and uhhhhhh idk what else lmao. Uruha and Reita came up close a few times. Aoi was pretty chill but at one point he looked over at me and motioned to jump higher lol it's hard man!!

Kai wore the same shirt as me during the encore ~

The meet and greet was so fast that it made me sad lol but I went out with some friends after aaaaaaaaaaa it was so nice

I got emo on the way home lmao and passed out on the couch for a bit. Then I packed up the next day and left ~ Fortunately it wasn't hard to get to the airport but I was so broke after lmao.

Anyway I had a lot of fun ~ It's been a great year so far. Now I'm planning on moving though I'm not sure where to. Maybe I'll join a band. We'll see.

Next time ~