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The Chronicles of the Weezie and the inflatable turtle
Weezie's random ramblings!!! Wahaaa!!
Pregnancy: the final weeks...
So I am now at 36 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Or to put it another way, 25 days until my due date.

We're pretty close to being ready. We got a cot second-hand on TradeMe, in good condition from the looks of it, but haven't had a chance to set it up properly yet. We have Taina's blue couch in the room that is going to be baby's room (the couch he has had for years, since he was living with Michelle years ago). We don't use the couch at all anymore, and so we're trying to sell it quickly to make more space in baby's room, but so far haven't managed to get a buyer.

We also have the bassinet we got free from Pregnancy Help, that just needs setting up in our bedroom once we have cleared the rest of the baby stuff into baby's room (once the couch is gone and we have space for it all!)

We have the change table set up, and a pretty decent selection of nappies already, some packets of disposables we got free from Little Sprouts (our Family Start worker Emma got us set up with a massive box of free baby stuff from them), plus the reusable nappies we had already got from Pregnancy Help.

Dad and Jill are in the process of selling Dad's house in Elm Street (yes, the house we moved into when I was a baby, and I lived in for about 21 years) because they have found a smaller, easier to maintain house nearby in King Street that they feel will be more suitable for the two of them. Dad's been stressing about it a lot, because they have open homes regularly, and so far noone's made an offer, and Dad was hoping to get it sold before they have to move into the new place at the end of the month.

But anyway, the new place apparently has lots of built-in drawers and storage space for clothes, so we got a set of drawers from Dad that he doesn't need to store baby's clothes and bedding in. Between the stuff from Pregnancy Help, the stuff in the pack from Little Sprouts, and stuff I was given by friends and family (including stuff I got from my baby shower) we have soooo much baby clothes and bedding. And then Jess came around yesterday, and gave us several more items she had seen in a store and bought for us before she thought they were really cute.

The drawers are literally bulging and overflowing with stuff, but fortunately Dad says they have another set of drawers they really don't need, so they will bring those over for us too so we have more storage space for baby clothes. Another reason I really need this blue couch gone asap.

We also have a carseat, but we haven't set it up in the car yet. The car was meant to be due for its warrant in the middle of June, but considering baby is also due in mid-June, I figured it was sensible to get the car sorted early, so I've booked to get its warrant and service done next week, so we'll probably install the carseat after that's done.

We have a bath for baby, which needs a quick clean because it's gathered a little bit of dust. And we got various toiletries in the Little Sprouts pack so I'm feeling like we're about sorted.

So my baby shower was on Easter Sunday. Jess planned it and hosted it at her place. It was nice and chill, it was just me, Jess, Lisa, Nerida, Jill and her daughter Brierlee, Dad's neighbour Sue and her granddaughter Danica (I originally invited Sue's daughter Amber instead of Danica but it seems Amber had some kind of big drama going on in her life that week so her daughter Danica came instead), and Taina's Mum Debra.

Food was nibbles that everyone had contributed (for some reason I was really into the carrot and celery sticks), and Jess had planned some baby shower games.

One game was everyone was given a safety pin when they arrived to attach to their clothes, and told they couldn't say the word 'baby'. If they said it, whoever caught them out got to take their pin, and at the end of the party whoever had the most pins won a prize. A few of us still had our pins by the end (ironically I had no trouble whatsoever not saying the word baby despite the fact that I am the one having the baby) but Jess decided to give the prize to Danica, because hey, she's a ten year old and she had done pretty well.

The idea for that game actually came from an episode of Gilmore Girls, which was no surprise to me, because Jess is a big Gilmore Girls fan.

Jess also got this plastic roll of measuring tape (but with no numbers on it) from Pete's Emporium (this great shop that sells stuff for parties and themed events and such) and we used it to play a common baby shower party game- where each person guesses how big my waist circumference is with the baby bump and cuts off a section of the measuring tape that they think is about the right length.

This game Danica won too, she got it almost spot-on correct, whereas most people way overestimated, except for Jess, whose tape was marginally short by a centimetre or so.

But apart from a couple of games, most of the baby shower was just sitting around and talking. Sue, Jill and Debra largely dominated the conversation, talking about their own pregnancy and birth experiences (something the rest of us have no experience in yet).

I had fun, it was nice to get a baby shower, and I got some good gifts. While I was there, Taina hosted his own guys party at our place. He invited Luke, plus a few of his old IT course friends over and they played board games and such. When I got back they were playing some complicated role-playing card game of Luke's. I joined in, and ended up winning a game, but partly only I suspect because the guys were taking it reasonably easy on me because I was still figuring out the rules as we went along.

The other event recently was the Wellington Baby Expo was hosted recently. Fortunately for me it was in Porirua, so I didn't have to go far. I got there early on the Saturday morning when it opened. It was quite challenging, trying to walk around and look at the things at the stalls. I've reached a point in my pregnancy where standing still for any length of time longer than 10-20 seconds is very difficult.

If I stand in one spot, after a few seconds, I start to feel really hot, and then I get dizzy and light-headed. I googled it and apparently it's because it makes the fluid in your body drop and collect in your legs and feet, and then it causes a sudden drop in blood pressure.

I managed to see most of the stuff, but often I had to dash away from a stall to go find a seat quickly when I needed to sit down.

Mid-morning there was a presentation from a lady talking about techniques for helping babies and toddlers to sleep better. I figured it might be useful to listen to her advice, plus a good excuse to sit for a while, so I went along to it. After I sat down and was waiting for it to start, I started looking around at the other people there, and suddenly realised that Michelle was sitting a few rows ahead of me.

She has a baby, looked a few months old, probably a boy based on the clothing choices.

My initial response was mild surprise. Then as the surprise subsided, I realised it was really cool that she has a baby. She always wanted kids pretty badly, and there were always a lot of obstacles standing in her way over the years, so really glad it worked out for her.

Anyway, the sleeping presentation was interesting enough, although a lot of the information was probably more helpful for those who already have babies at least a few months old, because things like figuring out your baby's sleep personality to help design a better sleep system doesn't work so well when your baby isn't even born yet. rofl

Other stuff lately: Taina and I went to antenatal classes recently. Lots of information about birthing options, pain relief options in labour, that sort of stuff, but I was disappointed there wasn't more information on how to look after the baby after it's born, you know, holding techniques, soothing them for sleep, nappy changing practise, bathing baby, stuff like that. Some of that stuff was briefly mentioned in passing, but not much opportunity to practise any of these things (despite there being baby-sized dolls at one of the classes).

I also went to a breastfeeding class recently. It was reasonably informative, but I guess I won't know how easy/difficult breastfeeding is until I have baby and can try it for real. I did find out I can express now, before baby is even born and take it to the hospital when I go into labour so baby has extra colostrum if she needs it. (Colostrum is thick yellow stuff the breasts express before they start producing proper liquid milk- it's usually only in very small quantities but apparently nutritionally very valuable for the baby). I hadn't even know pre-natal expression was possible, so that was good to know. I haven't tried it yet, but I probably should soon.

Anyway, Taina is almost back from work now so I'm going to go pick him up from the train station. More info soon!

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