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Normal unconfessions

Welcome to the normal un confessions in my journal I actually beg you welcome.
So I am going to list about whats not normal things is what I like Well its actually alright. But I am not going to number them. Because I know its was wired and odd. but its alright you do what you like. And you have the right to do it so.So I wanted to came up with my actually own. So Whats not normal stuff I actually do. And to compare my own minds of knowing whats not normal about my own self. Soon I decide not to compare my own life to others. Just to warned you that I am not going to number the things that isn't like normal. But at first I wanted to actually tell you this.

I have seen beauty in the other things in nature what the other people who didn't see. By the way, I have knowledge and science behind the real life nature things. Well I love bats because they are actually part of nature in other sorts. Well I thought the nature things are actually awesome things and I like to express the other nature things.


I have been exploring all different types of music. Well I have choose the music I actually like which isn't normal to me at all. However I have explore all different types of music. However I reached the higher end to the point is good enough. However bands I have been listen to is just experimenting with my personal avatar style. It does help me with my high self esteem. And besides the difference of the music I been listen to. Doesn't infect me at all.Some people think the base of what music you listen to is what style are you.

My favorite color is to be not normal is black. However black is all different colors in the universe. I actually see the light in darkness. Well not to mention the balance in two sides of me the dark and light. However you think I was into the dark side of things. Its not the case what I am into. I was trying to get my own message across. Black is actually the color that goes with everything. And why I kept wearing it. Not because its my soul, oh no don't even go there. Well some people think I was actually into the dark side of things, but really I was into the light side of things.

What brings you at gaia? However the question you might ask why I am here. Because I wanted to find ways to make new friends of the internet. I am not trolling around in gaia. And also I have discord account which is actually a long story. And I actually change my username alot in the years. I soon to be alright to actually be yourself. And I keep on worry about my own feedback and Negative comments about me. and Someday someone should not be normal that is up to you.

Well I was actually into vampires when I was little. I used to get grounded alot. Thats my darkest secret. However now from Teen to Adult, I actually really dislike them. Because everyone thinks I like them. I was like no. That because I don't like Halloween. And Some people think that the way I dressed. Well I tried to do normal look sometimes. When it comes with other things. I have thinking of dealt with negative people. And soon I have been bullied before when I was little. I been chased with the pack of girls and tied my shoelaces together. I fell down and then I told the vice princpal and I never felt so brave and I have a tuff day in the begining. I thought the bullies were my friends. But really I actually learned it in the hard way.

Well I am more adventuress foodie. Ever tried or tasted in the life in the world. And yet I like to try wired things and explore all about different foods. From sour cream crickets to cooked slugs from the greek food. I am going to try different things. However I do try octopus for the first time. However other people were like ew
and gross. I understand that I have tried so many different foods in the past. And yet I actually liked black candies and Alsorts. Some people do dislike it. Well I have ghost pepper chips as well. Even hot and spicy, I actually be alright with as well.

I have two sides of the style the light side and the dark side. Well I actually wear the cross on my left earring on the lobe where the rook is actually is. Sometimes when you travel in both styles mash up together, Well I explore the music and I change my own ways. The make up style is the same as always. The musical taste is actually changes durring the years. I have been so far as two sides. However I can't be 100 % bright or color or 100 % goth. So I split my style into two sides. I never classified my own self as a goth because I have so many other things that I liked.

Well another thing that is not normal about me is that I have explore and love different cultures infacted I was only all 1/8 English, 1/8 welish, 1/8 scotland, 1/8 german and half dutch. Well when I was little, I was into Japanese culture. Well its quite shocking about knowledge about Japan when I was young. Then I drove myself into different cultures like from Canada. And then when I was a teenager then drove myself to the goth and then to the steampunk and then normal. However I been now the time traveler. However I could go to the different styles thoughtout different time frames of my own life.

Another thing that isn't normal about me. That I was actually collecting crystals. I have been to the rock and gem shows. However I was actually help my own mother durring the craft shows. Which I was wearing all black. Like I have stayed mysterious and really creepy. Well even I couldn't actually think like the outside the norm. However who actually defines normal. And I was wearing all black and flowing down with my cardigon that looks like the cape. However its flows like a bat.

The things that are actually not normal about me that I was into the gothic buildings. I do love steampunk. I love the steampunk art peices as well. I do enjoy the things.

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