Chapter 3:

Sara takes the lead as she pulls out her bow. She had a full stuck of ebony arrows with her as she spots the bandits. For some time now, the bandits made a habit of coming here to hide. There was a alcove dug out from the rocks to hide in. All kinds of crates sat on top of one another. It was a good place to hide since the guards never traveled out this way. They had room to store their stolen goods, and they got the pick of traveling merchants. She had taken care of the last batch, but there were always more willing to take the spot for themselves. She pulls out her bow as she looks at the area carefully. She had picked a good spot where she could see them, but they wouldn't notice them. She counted at least eight of them, moving around like ants to pick out the best loot. She lowers her bow as she turns to the twins. "I count eight, if we surround them, we should be able to take them out." Farkas takes a look as he counts them out. "Can you shot from here?" She rises her brow at him. "I want to see don't you?" He smiles wide as he nods. "That one, the one with their back turned to us." She shakes her head slowly as she aims. Vilkas watches, if she really was that good, Aela was going to have a field day. She was the only one of the Companions that was any good with a bow. She takes aim, moving a touch to the left, and fires. They both watch as the arrow goes flying and the bandit hits the ground when it hits.

The bandit close to the woman, turns as he tries to figure out what just happened. Didn't take long for him to join her in the dirt and soon all the bandits stop what they were doing. She no longer needed to hide herself as she smiles wide. They point her out and start to storm where she was standing, thinking they could take her out. She kills two more as Vilkas and Farkas step in to take care of the rest trying to now make a run for it. Once they were dead they head for the loot they had. She frowns a bit as she didn't see anything of interest. "Mostly...clothes?" She pulls out what looked to be some kind of fancy dress. She tilts her head as she turns the outfit side to side. "I think I'm missing something here, this don't look like they would be worth much." Vilkas opens another crate, more outfits as Farkas takes a look. "I think the bandits have lost there touch." Farkas pulls out what looked to be a fancy outfit. Most of the outfits she saw Nobles wearing. Not many people had the gold to pay for such outfits so trying to sell them to Whiterun didn't make much sense. "I don't know many people that would want outfits like this." She pulls out another dress and she slowly sinks away. She was not a huge fan of such outfits. She was happy just to be in her armor. "Well the bandits have been taken out...for now.." Vilkas slowly walks away from one of the crates, he didn't understand it either.

"I just wish there was a way to keep them from always coming back." Sara stands up as she looks at Farkas. "What are you doing?" He pulls out yet another outfit as he holds it over himself. "How do people wear this stuff?" She giggles softly as she smiles. "People have an odd way of thinking it makes them look more important. When in reality, you just look like a rich target to thieves." Farkas turns his head as he nods. He was a simple man, he didn't say much, but this made sense. "Think I'll stick to what I have." He puts it back as he starts to wonder off to see what else he could find. Vilkas joins her, a small smile on his face. He loved her laugh, it was always so light and had a carefree sound to it. Not only that but he liked how she was kind to his brother. She didn't talk down to him like most of the Companions tended to get toward him sometimes. He really seemed to have gotten lucky finding her. "Well if there's nothing of worth here, we should just head back to Jorrvaskr. I'm sure Kodlak has more work for us to do." She turns a bit north, thinking something over. "Mind if we stop somewhere first?" "Depends on where you want to go..." There was still much he didn't know about. And he still had to find a way, to tell her that he was a werewolf. "Oh, you'll see, it's not far from here, come on." She turns and starts walking and they soon follow after her quickly.

It wasn't long, before they came to a large manor. Vilkas tilts his head up as Farkas lets out a low whistle. "Look at this place, it's huge." Sara blushes as she rubs the back of her head. "It's mine." They both turn to her as she shrugs. "The Jarl of Dawnstar sold me the land awhile back and I built a house out here..." She was slowly starting to get nervous because they wouldn't stop staring at her. "What?!" Vilkas just walks up to her and holds her hand lightly. "This is...impressive." "Just wait til you see the inside." She opens the large doors and lets them in. The entry way just had a small table to the side and a display case on a set of shelves. She opens the main doors, to show them the rest of the house. It was two floors, the middle was mostly the cooking area and had a long table there. To the right was a room that held a set of mannequins with different sets of armor. She still didn't like those. To the left was the master bedroom, and the room to the back was set up as her personal library. Upstairs held her enchanting table, a spare bedroom, and two doors that lead outside to a high rise patio so she could eat outside if she wanted. She hears something and smiles. "Lydia?" It wasn't long before the Nord woman steps out, still in her steal armor. She had short brown hair and had a rounder face. "My Thane, welcome back, you brought guest." Vilkas turns to her slowly as she just smiles at him. "I have a Housecarl, yes, Lydia, these are my fellow Companions, Farkas and Vilkas." Farkas just looks her over and smiles a bit. "I think I'm going to enjoy this." Vilkas shakes his head a bit.

The two wonder off as Sara shows Vilkas around. "So you're the Thane of Whiterun?" She feels herself blush at this. "Aye, it's still a bit strange honestly. I know it's meant to be an honor, but I hate titles..." She leads him to the back room to her library. His eyes go wide as he slowly wonders in. The room was large enough to fit several bookshelves and had a place to sit and just relax. He looks at her as she just smiles shyly. "I know you like to read, ever we're out of Whiterun, or there's nothing to do we can come here if you like. After all my home is yours as well." He had no idea what to say. He loved living in Jorrvaskr, it had been his home his whole life. But there was one thing it lacked, privacy. Even though the walls were made of stone, it was easy to tell what someone was doing across the hallway. "You really don't mind?" His voice was so light and full of wonder she just smiles at him more. She rather liked the fact he didn't seem to want much. His own personally library was good enough. "Of course not, you see something you like, you can have it." "Can I have your Housecarl?" She heard Farkas yell from somewhere as she narrows her eyes. "No you can't steal my friend!" Lydia just giggles as she wonders off to go back to her work. Farkas wonders back as he sees the wall of books. "You're never getting my brother out of this room." She joins Farkas as she crosses her arms.

"And to think he hasn't seen my armory." After having lunch at her home they return to Whiterun. After all there was still work to be done as Aela walks over to her. "Greetings, I'm Aela, in case you haven't caught my name." Sara wasn't sure, but she takes it. It wasn't hard for her to forget people. "I don't think so, but if I forget I'll just apologize now in advance." Aela just shrugs this off as they make their way to the training yard. "Not to worry, you'll learn who is who soon enough." Aela spots her bow and just smiles more. "An archer as well, I knew there was something about you I liked. There's a group of bears near Falkreath that have been bothering the locals, care to join me in a hunt?" Sara wasn't sure what to say, but she ends up nodding. "Sure, I've done work like this before. Will we be keeping the pelts?" Aela gave her a surprised look, not many of the Whelps really cared about such things. Hell in their eagerness to show off they normally ruin the pelts to the point they wouldn't be worth anything. "Yes good thinking, we can always use more pelts for the coming winters." They make their way around the building as Vilkas spots them. "And just where are you taking her?" He glares at Aela as the Huntress just smiles. "Hunting, don't worry, I'll have her back." Sara just waves at him as they both head off. Vilkas wasn't to pleased with this, but knew that no harm would come to them. He turns and heads back inside to find out what else needed to be done.

It was mid spring, she had came to Skyrim somewhere near the end of Last Seed {August}. It was now early Second Seed {May} and the weather was down right pleasant. It was hard to believe it had almost been a year since she's been here. Traveling from place to place as she turns to her new Companion. "So how long have you been with the Companions?" Aela turns her head at this. "Since I was old enough to join. All the women in my family were members. Sadly my mother didn't live long enough to join." Sara lets out a low 'oh' as she nods. "What about your family?" Sara looks up at this. "I..don't really remember." Which was true, she have a very fuzzy memory of her parents and what they were like. She had replaces her Amulet of Mara, with her Amulet of Talos. She reached for it as she turns it in her hands. "This necklace belonged to my father...that's all I can really tell out. Outside of they were killed by the Thalmor." Aela lowers her head as she walks closer to her. "I'm sorry for your loss." Sara shrugs slightly as she lets go her Amulet. "It's fine, I think I blocked out most of what happened." It wasn't long before the reached the front gates of Falkreath. The guard looks up and nods his head to them. "Hail Companions, here to take care of those pesky bears?" Aela just nods at the guard. "We are, were are they hiding?" "Not far, they took over the Watchtower to the north. Damn things are acting like the own the place."

They head north to the Watchtower, to see the guards had just fled from the place. Sure enough a rather large number of bears seemed to have marked the place as theirs. Sara couldn't help but start laughing, this was by far the funniest thing she's seen. "I saw we leave and make those milk drinkers figure it out. How did it get this bad?" Aela was laughing as well, which was rare, she normally didn't laugh a lot. But she was with Sara on this one, it was to funny. "No idea, but there's a large number of them." Sara moves slowly to see that most had gone into the tower. "Well if we start picking them off I'm sure the others will make a run for it." She pulls out her bow and aims for a bear in the far back. She fires and it lets out an angry roar of pain. The others seem to pick up the danger, and start to make a run for it. As for the injured bear, he was pissed as it starts to run at Sara. She just pulls back another arrow, and strikes it's eye. That stops it's run as the large bear rolls to the side trying to remove the arrow. Sara pulls out a hidden dagger she kept in her boot and walks up to the bear, slicing its neck and watches it's life blood drain. "Well we go one bear." Aela was holding her own bow, ready to jump in, but she was hardly needed. "Not bad, I think you have what it takes to be one of us."

Sara tilts her head at this. "What do you mean?" "Oh, you're technically not a Companion until you pass your test. I think Kodlak might be working on it." Sara just nods, and gets to work on skinning the bear for it's pelt. They check the tower and didn't find anything note worthy, outside it now smelt like bear. Even Sara had to cover her nose as they walk out. "I had no idea bear could smell like that...I think I can taste it." She shutters a bit as they roam the area just to make sure. They come across a sickly looking bear and Aela made sure to take care of it. They couldn't take it's meat, but it's fur was still good to use as they make their way back to Falkreath. "How about a drink before we leave? I really need to get that taste out of my mouth." Aela agrees as they go into the inn. She finds the owner, Valga and orders two bottles of mead and they find a place to sit down. "I'm a bit curious about you, you said you've done jobs like this before?" Sara bobs her head as she sits back. "When I was old enough I did odd jobs, mostly killing animals that wondered into places they didn't belong. I also learned how to skin them for extra coin.." Aela lowers her bottle as her brows knit together. "No one took care of you after your parents died?" Sara lets out a low sigh at this. "Not really, I didn't really trust the orphanage. Many children there were just sold off as cheep labor." Sara closes her eyes as she takes a deep breath. "I took my chances on the street."

Aela had no clue what to say to that, but at least the woman had a better life now. "What do you think of Vilkas?" Sara drinks the last of her mead. "He's...interesting, he's not really like most people I've come across. I know we did something really crazy after getting drunk. But he's willing to own up to it and I can respect that." After awhile they leave to return to Jorrvaskr. By the time they got back it was getting dark and Kodlak smiles at the pelts they brought back. "Good to see your hunt went well." Sara just smiles up at him. "You missed it, the whole Watchtower had been taken over, it was hilarious, just bears everywhere." She sweeps out her hand and he chuckles warmly. He was glad to see she was making her place here so well. He spots Vilkas as he nods to the man. "You did fine work lass, get some rest." She nods as Vilkas walks up to her and frowns. "You smell like bear..." She sniffs at herself and almost gags. "Ewww....their smell got on me..." He takes her hand and leads her downstairs to lead her to the common room to get herself cleaned up. "It was still strange, I never seen so many bears in one spot. My guess is since the guards didn't stop them they just moved in." Vilkas just smirks a bit as he tries not to breath in her scent. Bath first, other things second. He really wanted to get her alone, to himself. He just hoped she would allow him to do so this time.